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Corsair.Service.DisplayAdapter.exe error message on shutdown and more...


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The title pretty much says it all.. the issue started after updating windows to version 2004 and is still here after updating to 20H2 as well. It's impossible to recreate the problem, since it's completely random. It happens whenever it wants. The error message appears for a brief moment right before the computer shuts off and says about an exception in a memory address I think. Also I've noticed one more thing: When the system boots up if I go in the event viewer there's always a Windows Error Reporting event related to Corsair.Service. DisplayAdapter.exe.. only when there hasn't been an error window during the last shutdown. Every time I get the error when shutting down, the next time I start the system there's no Windows Error Reporting event related to DisplayAdapter. Very strange behaviour... This is a widespread issue Corsair, please try and fix it or at least give us the option to disable this service. Edited by JohnX125
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