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K100 G-Key Programming


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I recently purchased a K100 (OPX), and I'm trying to reprogram the G-keys so that they trigger a different key when iCue is NOT running.


For me, when using the default profile (no modifications) with iCue NOT running the G-keys press 1-6. When iCue IS running the G-keys seem to do nothing (while viewing notpad) with this same profile.


I can reprogram the keys just fine in a Custom profile via Actions (like setting G1 to press "M"), and this works perfect while iCue is running. I then save the profile to the keyboard's memory and close iCue. However once iCue is closed ALL the G-keys become unresponsive. That doesn't make sense. I only added a custom setting to ONE G-key...so why are ALL the G-keys no longer doing anything (as opposed to pressing 1-6 as I previously described). Am I missing something here? I thought the point of the onboard memory was so I could program stuff in iCue, save it to the keyboard, and then be able to do (hopefully most) of those custom things regardless of the PC (and presence of iCue).


Here is my Actions setup (in this case trying to remap all G-keys):



TLDR - I just want to make the G-keys press a particular keyboard button (or do some other kind of action) without iCue running. How can I do this?



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So after doing some digging on my end and getting help from the Corsair Discord I found out that the "ACTIONS" are tied to iCue (i.e., iCue needs to be running to make them work), whereas the "HARDWARE ACTIONS" may be executed WITHOUT iCue running.


That's a big distinction that I feel isn't nearly clear enough.


My original goal was to remap G1-G6 as F13-F18 and NOT have iCue running, however the F13+ keys seem to only be accessible via the ACTIONS (which require iCue to be running). :(

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