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Found 22 results

  1. Hello! today i finally got my k100 keyboard and i downloaded ICue 4 of course, and i really would love to configure the wheel to rewind and move forward on youtube videos for example. I know Icue do something like that with SPOTIFY songs with the wheel. Any idea how can i do it? because i dont see any rewind option when u try to make a key assignment. Thanks ! Here is the spotify rewind/fast forward example
  2. Guten Tag, ich wollte fragen, ob man die k100 RGB aufmachen kann und von innen selbst reinigen kann? Gruß
  3. Hi, not sure if the term sticky keys is correct. but every now and then my keyboard will act as if certain keys are held in. Certain keys then become shortcut keys (i think this is what it is doing) for example, when i press W it will open microsoft word. when i type e it will do a É. The keyboard has done this since new, but has always been intermittent. It is very frustrating. I have tried resetting the keyboard, like it suggests on the troubleshooting guide. It is in my office and the keyboard is perfectly clean, never had a spillage. so not sure what has caused this to be faulty? Any help appreciated,. Thanks, Grugsey
  4. I just bought my K100 not that long ago and I have already starting having issues with it. The typing experience is great, but out of nowhere it would randomly start typing things that I have recently looked up such as "thomas kinkade" and "Albert.io" I really don't know what to make of this nor do I know how to fix it.
  5. I'm noticing that the jog wheel support is really spotty for a lot of software. Some things it works fine, but in other things it doesn't even do anything, or does something wrong. So I'd like to know: How does it even work? What API does it use? What instructions does it send out? And why is there no documentation? I'd especially like to get it working in VLC, because that'd be my primary software to use it with.
  6. Hey guys I am trying to setup my macro G1 to press F1 and F2 in alternate. Is there any way I can achieve this? More details: I am trying to toggle between choosing hero and courier in DOTA2 with the macro.
  7. Hi All, Really hoping someone can help. On a UK keyboard (K100), it has a ALT GR key on the right. I would like this to just work as a Right Alt key. Trying to use a stream deck for DCS and when ever I enter a key combo using the ALT GR key, it comes up as ' L-Ctrl+R-Alt ' which means any key command in DCS which is a R-Alr + a key can not be programmed to the stream deck. Thanks for the help. BV
  8. Hello, I just got the corsair dark core pro se, am trying to map the sniper and DPI function to my k100 keyboard, but all I get is back or forward button? is their something am missing or they just never added other mouse buttons/functions on the keyboard?
  9. Hello friends... I find it really odd that the K100 doesn't seem to have a wheel action built-in to change icue profiles!? Can this be accomplished with the wheel? There is a "change profile" ACTION, but no "change profile" HARDWARE ACTION that I see... and it seems I can only assign hardware actions to the wheel. The profile-changing button next to the wheel is nice.. but... it only goes one way. It SHOULD be that I can hold down that button and then turn the wheel to move forwards or backwards through the profiles.... but alas. New to icue, so sorry for being ignorant. Thanks!
  10. Hallo. Folgendes Problem. Ich habe seit gut 1 1/2 Monaten die K100 . Ich bin an und für sich sehr zufrieden mit der Tastatur. Was mich jedoch Tag für Tag mehr stört , ist die Qualität der Austauschtasten, welche ja anstatt Schwarz so Dunkelgrau geriffelt sind. Ich habe ein paar Bilder angehangen. Es geht im Moment nur um die S Taste. Ich hoffe man kann auf den bildern erkennen , das sich dort die Farbe löst, und so links 1-2 mm vom S Punkte durchstrahlen, die immer mehr werden. Hat noch jemand dieses Problem? Alle anderen Tasten , voer allem die Standart schwarzen sind alle I.o. Nur wenn ich schon 250 Taler für son Brett ausgebe, dann erwarte ich doch auch eine Entsprechende Qualität. Leider gibt es meines Wissens die Ersatz Tasten für die K100 nicht Seperat bei Corsair zu bestellen. Würde auch ungern deshalb die ganze Tastatur einschicken ,da ja der rest tadellos Funktioniert. Vielleicht hat ja noch jemand dieses Problem. Würde mich sehr über eine Antwort freuen. Gruß Sic
  11. Hello everyone, I noticed a few days ago that suddenly the colour on some of the keys was off. With these keys the red colour component is too intense. For example a full white colour gets a pink shine. This is very annoying and unacceptable for this class of keyboard. It seems unlikely to me that suddenly within a very short time several LEDs would malfunction the same way. Is there a way to fix this or should I send in the keyboard? Further information: * The keys are not next to each other. * I set a solid colour profile to "solid colour" white and also various other colours to test this and the colour of these keys is always wrong. * Software (v3.38.61) and firmware (v0.24.237) are up-to-date. * I have linked some photos. It's hard to get a good photo with my bad phone camera,but you can see the reflection of the middle key is pink instead of white. I noticed by coincidence that this is much easier to see with an unsharp photo. https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_01.jpg https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_04.jpg https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_02.jpg https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_03.jpg I hope someone can help me out here. If I should provide more information let me know. Many thanks in advance & regards!
  12. There seems to be some traffic on this topic. Still no 'prefix' for this new keyboard. Experience with the K100 has been great! :sunglasse Learning curve is acceptable. Everything is working and integrated with iQue. K100 refuses to wakeup after sleep. Opened iQue and it is not even shown?! :bigeyes: Only solution is to unplug USB and re-connect. :sigh!:
  13. Guten Abend, Bin auch hier schon was länge am rumprobieren und nun heute nach mehrmaligem deinstallieren und installieren funktioniert es immer noch nicht. Wenn ich auch nur simple texte wiedergeben will kann ich dies nicht tun, Wie unten im Bild funktioniert es nicht. In dem falle habe ich es auch mit allen anderen Funktionen versucht aber keine der Funktionen scheint bei meiner Tastatur zu funktionieren. Vielleicht kann mir einer von euch ja helfen. Vielen dank, Jordan
  14. I found that even after hardware remapping or disabling the Fn key and storing profile onboard using the latest iCUE v3.36.125, pressing 1 or multiple keys and then the Fn key often gets the last pressed keys stuck. E.g. pressing Fn + I + L => I + L stuck. To "unstick" the keys I have to repress both I and L. All of this is easily reproducible and seems to occur often during rapid keystrokes. Does anyone else have this problem? PS - I know it's weird but I'm using IJKL instead of WASD for more available keys and room to the right of the keyboard (shifting keyboard left).
  15. Every couple of days when my pc wakes from sleep mode one of the ALT/FN/CTL keys is somehow toggled on (without any keys being pressed). When this happens everything looks normal but none of the alpha keys register when typing (though I can see them activating on press in iCUE). To get the keys working I have to press all the ALT/FN/CTL keys one at a time to find and reset the toggled one. Has anyone else seen something like this?
  16. Just purchased a Corsair K100 RGB keyboard with current firmware, an M65 RGB Elite mouse, and have the latest version of iCue installed. Whenever I reboot Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, the K100 key lighting goes dark until after I log in. Is there a way to spec a default profile so it always boots pending login into a lit keyboard? The mouse always has a default lighting defined whenever I have not logged in yet but not the keyboard. Second, whenever I link a keyboard profile to a specific game app, whenever I run that app, the keyboard again goes black, rather than its profile being selected. When I remove the app link, lighting comes back. Any ideas as to what I'm missing here? Watched several YouTube videos, but what they portray doesn't work.
  17. Hello everyone, I'd like to be able to use modifier keys for the G keys, e.g. SHIFT+G1 or ALT+G1 to be able to have more macros. Or in my case specifically I want to use the same G key for a variation of a macro in a game, where the macros effectively provide the same result in the game, but have to be slightly different (the keystrokes aren't identical) dependent on the status of the game. I can't find this option and was wondering if it is possible. If not please implement this into the iCue software! It would be a very useful addition and should hopefully not be very hard to implement(?). Side note: This K100 is my first mechanical keyboard and I absolutely love it! The main reasons I specifically chose this model keyboard are the macro keys and the full layout with numpad. Thanks in advance for any help or feedback!
  18. Bonjour, Après m'être renseigné je n'ai pas trouver de réponse à mon problème, Je souhaite désactiver l'utilisation de SHIFT + PAV.NUM ( qui donne sur mon clavier accès aux touches bis ) Afin de pouvoir l'utiliser sur un jeu où je me sers de SHIFT ( qui est un modificateur que je ne peux changer ) et du pavé numérique. J'ai vu sur un autre post que vous avez proposé de remap la touche SHIFT sauf qu'ici je suis obligé d'utiliser SHIFT comme modificateur car il est inchangeable, Est-il possible de désactiver les touches bis ? Merci par avance et à bientôt ! ( mon clavier est un Corsair K100 OPX )
  19. I think I've narrowed down the issue, it seems whenever I connect or disconnect an iCUE device (i.e. charging my mouse with the cord) it resets the lighting to a static red, even though the hardware lighting is set to visor, which does work when I close out iCUE completely. In addition, this static effect does not include the top right section of the keyboard nor the sides of the mouse, as shown in the pictures included. Anyone have any ideas of what to do? K100 and Dark Core Pro SE, for reference. Keyboard Mouse
  20. Hello!! I recently purchased a K100 (OPX), and I'm trying to reprogram the G-keys so that they trigger a different key when iCue is NOT running. For me, when using the default profile (no modifications) with iCue NOT running the G-keys press 1-6. When iCue IS running the G-keys seem to do nothing (while viewing notpad) with this same profile. I can reprogram the keys just fine in a Custom profile via Actions (like setting G1 to press "M"), and this works perfect while iCue is running. I then save the profile to the keyboard's memory and close iCue. However once iCue is closed ALL the G-keys become unresponsive. That doesn't make sense. I only added a custom setting to ONE G-key...so why are ALL the G-keys no longer doing anything (as opposed to pressing 1-6 as I previously described). Am I missing something here? I thought the point of the onboard memory was so I could program stuff in iCue, save it to the keyboard, and then be able to do (hopefully most) of those custom things regardless of the PC (and presence of iCue). Here is my Actions setup (in this case trying to remap all G-keys): https://i.imgur.com/MLuZMIB.png[/img]"] TLDR - I just want to make the G-keys press a particular keyboard button (or do some other kind of action) without iCue running. How can I do this? THANK YOU!!
  21. iCUE crashes whenever I try to save a profile to the K100 No issues creating profile in iCUE, works as long as iCUE is running, simply cannot save to keyboard iCUE crashes when starting up a game with an SDK profile (Ubisoft), even though SDK is disabled in iCUE Firmware is up to date and no issues with updating Keyboard is plugged directly into backside USB3 Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  22. Afternoon All, I updated the iCue software to the latest version and since then the volume roller does not adjust up or down any more? Has anyone experienced this? Regards, Paddy.
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