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What is the extra cable in the 1000D for?


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I have just recently purchased a Corsair Obsidian 1000D Case, and I noticed there is an extra cable near the top in the inside where all the front panel cables come out.

As there is not an instruction manual with this case, I have no idea what this is for, could anyone help?


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as said... its an RGB channel.. technically it is RGB Channel 1 on your 1000d Commander Pro. but between that cable and the CoPro it has the 18 LEDS in the Front IO and 4 LEDs in the Sails Logo.


you can run 4 strips (icue will allow 6 but you will get voltage drop on the last 2 strips making them slightly off color) or you can run an RGB Fan LED hub off of it.. (I run 8 hubs on splitters off that channel for 32 LL fans lol)






note the right hand side of the diagram that shows this connections use...


Images are clickable for full res version download

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