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Void Elite Wireless - Left/Right imbalance

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Purchased the Void Elite Wireless.


Having an issue where sound is louder on the right side and the left side is noticeably quieter.


Went into sound settings to make the left side louder and there is no left and right balance sliders. Even in the additional settings for the headphone there is no option there in 'levels' either.


There seems to be no way to adjust the left/right balance in iCUE as far as I am aware. My old USB headphones prior had this option, not sure why this is not the case here.


Headset is working perfectly aside from this. Is there a way to fix this that I am missing? Why is there no way to balance the audio for me? Should I be contacting support?


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Corsair does not support R/L balancing. Return your headphones and get a different brand. Again, corsair does not support R/L balanceing. If you have a handicap or a faulty pair of headphones, you're out of luck. Last time, Corsair does NOT support R/L balancing.
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