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VS2GBKIT533D2 malfunction!


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I purchased the VS2GBKIT533D2 about a month ago with my ASUS motherboard. They were working fine for about two weeks (and i did test the mith memtest86 @ one point in time), until recenly, one failed.


My computer froze when I was on it. I rebooted, and my monitor would not even recieve a signal from the computer. I removed one stick of RAM, and the computer worked fine. I tried puting my defective RAM in a different DIMM Slot, and the computer would not boot. I tried using it alone, and the computer would not boot.


I do believe that my ram is defective, and I would like to request an RMA.


I would also like to know, am I using the most efficient ram for my computer (ASUS P5GD2 mobo)? Is there a better model out there for me. I am looking for 2 GIGs of ram, and I am into gaming, but this was the only DDR2, 533 that I could find thats Corsair (beause I <3 Corsair). If theres a better product out there, please recomend it to me, If not, I would like to replace mine with a new one.


Thank you!

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