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i145 CPU upgrade?


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I'm new here. Late to the party but my two cents are that you might be able to upgrade to a new CPU but if you're thinking 10th gen then you need a new motherboard. This job can be tricky due to the small space inside the case but it is doable. For reference the Corsair ONE i200 has a 10900k on a z490 motherboard. I have the older Corsair ONE from 2017 and have fully upgraded it (See below my username).

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If you are game enough to tinker with it and don't mind potentially voiding the warranty, there is a potential option to upgrade the GPU. Be mindful that you will probably only be able to upgrade to a normal air cooled graphics card. As I mentioned, I have the 2017 version which I have tinkered with a lot, but I know the internal design is very different to the 2019 ixxx versions. Still, this could work.


Now, I know the top/case fan has a default fan curve that runs off the GPU cooler which you cannot manipulate in any way apart from just setting it between default and max. Corsair did this for warranty purposes.


However, you can plug that top/case fan directly to the motherboard instead which will give you full control of the fan and you can get better thermals with either the motherboard fan settings or your own custom curve. You will need a PWM extension cable minimum 300mm length and set the fan to monitor cpu temperature. It may become noisier but you can control that with how you set the curve.


This way you can now remove the whole GPU assembly, radiator and pump included, and you should have enough space there for a normal graphics card. Not sure about the length as I know the card is mounted with mounting bracket at the bottom. In my version the card is mounted the other way so the mounting bracket is at the top. Still, you might be able to find something that fits, especially once we get all the different aftermarket graphics card options for the new 3000 series or Big Navi (I don't discriminate). My graphics card dimensions are 268mm x 113mm x40mm for reference. An by the way I ran my top/case fan off the motherboard and got better thermal performance because ultimately you are not disrupting the design of the case which is to draw air from the sides and exhaust it at the top. So if your fan can run a little bit faster, then you get better airflow.


ICUE software should still work to monitor cpu pump speed and coolant temperature.


Because I still have mine from 2017, I obviously don't have the new version but I have been studying several photos of the inside and it looks like this mod could still work in the new versions.

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