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Commander Pro and Corsair 680x case


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Hello, please forgive me as I wasn't sure where to put this post as I didn't see a category for lighting hardware. Let me start by saying I'm a complete noob... this is my first computer build EVER, so I apologize if my question seems really dumb or basic. Even though it's my first build I want to make it cool with lights and all.. This is what I have purchased:


Corsair 680x case

Commander Pro

QL120 x 6




I have ordered the Crosshair VII Hero and probably the Ryzen 3900xt


So, very basic start here.. the 680x comes with a node / hub. But what I don't understand is that do I leave the RGB hub that it came with in there, plug all the fans RGB connectors into that, and then from that hub I plug into the Commander Pro (CPro)? Do I remove the node thing that it came with that is labeled LED 1 and 2 cause the commander pro has the same thing?


Once again, I'm sorry if I am really stupid on this but this is my first build ever. I am just glad Corsair has a forum.


P.S. I love corsair so I'm doing as much of it in Corsair that I can

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