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Rog Strix 4070 ti on 680x?

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Hey there. It looks like you should be fine but you would need to measure with what you have installed in your case. The card I am seeing (if correct) shows 285mm in length and the case is a total of 423mm. Keep in mind this is total length and would be best for you to measure the interior as this will depend on if you have fans and radiator in the front. This case also fits a 280mm radiator in the top. You can view the dimensions here https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/WW_CRYSTAL_680X_QSG_revAC_.pdf

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Thanks for your prompt response, I was checking and the Rog Strix 4070 is 336mm long, but maybe it will fit in portrait mode, and in the front I have the 3 LL120 that come from the factory, the radiator is installed on the top.


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