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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Corsair users!!!! I have just done a new build and am fairly new to the corsair rgb and fan ecosystem. The build is a 465x case with the RGB Lighting node core and I have installed a commander pro as well. The mobo is a asus ROG strix x570-e gaming cpu= amd ryzen 7 3700x gpu= zotac gaming gforce rtx 3060 ti psu= evga superNOVA 750ga 80+gold. I have 4 LL120 3 in the front of case and one as rear exhaust then 2 QL120 on the top of the case as exhaust. i have learned reading through a bunch of post that you cant mix fans with the RGB Lighting node core. so my question is can you run 2 corsair rgb Lighting node cores off 1 commander pro with each rgb Lighting node core controlling only a set of LL or QL fans? Question 2!! This issue seams to be one with either Icue software or my commander pro. so what is happening is that what ever fan is plugged into port 6 wants to spin at 2300 rpm. I have tried multiple fans a different LL120 a QL120 and a non corsairs branded fan to take out the variable. They all sadly spin up to 2300 rpm Icue says and sound like a jet is taking off. I see for the specs of the LL and QL that they are only suppose to be 500-1500 rpm roughly so getting 2300rpm cant be good.......:bigeyes: The logical thing would be go to the icue software and adjust the speed. the problem is that majority of the time the software doesn't change any of the speeds. I will have to do a full reboot of my PC and sometimes and i will get lucky that they change. I can get port 6 to match the other fans if its on quite mode vs all the others being on extreme but it shouldn't be that way. It should be even across the board right??? I look in my open hardware monitor and it says that fans 1,3, and 4 only get 60%. these fans would be bottom front intake LL120 Top font intake LL120 and top of case exhaust QL120. So anyone know what could be the issue here do i need a new commander pro or are there some settings hidden in a windows PC or is it the mixing of types of fans???? I really hope someone can help me with this cause it is so frustrating...... Thank you for you time!!!! suggestion for Corsair software developers- make it so you can control either ll or ql fan by telling what fan is in each port on the same Lighting node core
  2. Hey guys relatively intermediate PC builder here.... I decided to build myself a new system here this Christmas. (here's my parts list.) My previous system was fairly old from before RGB became a massive thing and I've had a fair few issues getting this system up and running and I'm hoping some guru's on here can help me. :) Firstly my AIO - Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum 240mm - I think the micro-USB connection in the pump is fried. Everything seems to be working correctly pump and fanwise. However, no matter what I do I can't seem to get the pump to appear in ICUE. Things I have tried include: Changing the USB connection from the commander pro directly to my motherboard. Taking a standard micro-USB cable and connecting the pump to a port on the back of the motherboard. Secondly my RGB - So this is a toughie, my case (corsair 500D SE RGB) comes with a commander pro and RGB hub. I think I've narrowed this down to the USB hub as I have been able to get all of the RGB on the fans to turn on with some combination or other but not all at once. However, it doesn't seem to be a single slot in the hub that is broken. Rather different combinations of connections allow different fans to light up. I also think I have eliminated the commander pro from being an issue as it appears on ICUE, all of my fans do spin and the RGB strip expansion kit I got works correctly in both LED connections on it although I cannot be sure. Things I have tried include: Swapping the connection to the commander pro from LED 1 to 2 and swapping it back. Trying different combinations of fan header connections. Changing the SATA cable powering the hub Misc question that slightly relates to these to issues: Is it better for me to connect the fans on the radiator to the RGB header connected to the Commander pro (when it works of course) or to the dedicated RGB connectors for the AIO? Also the same question for the actual fans. AIO power or commander pro? So far it seems like I'll be opening up an RMA ticket for both the AIO and the RGB hub. (hoping I don't have to send the whole case back lol) Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  3. Attaching my diagram... The Corsair system has a lot of tiny components that are confusing to design around. My system has 8x140 LL-RGBs and 3 non-brand PWM(No color) fans. I will be adding some of the Corsair LED strips, once I get a better understanding for how your controllers are setup. I think there are 3 controller parts: RGB Hub (a 6 way addressable splitter), Lighting Node Pro (2 channel addressable RGB Controller), and a Commander Pro (6PWM Fan and 2 ARGB controler 2 USB and 4 Temp Sensors... Kind of a Nope Pro with Fans, temp and USB??). I'm not exactly sure how the controllers chain up??? I need to know: How do the controllers and hubs chain up? (What can plug into what? How many times?) Can non-corsair fans will work on the Fan Headers of the Commander Pro? Can DC fans work on the Commander Pro PWMs? USBs aside, does anything connect to the Motherboard? Are there adapters to convert the standard to the proprietary connectors and back? Are those proprietary adapters only on the RGB cables (leaving the Fans as PWM)? Somehow, I think I am going to have a lot more questions as I cobble this things together... Snype
  4. Hello, please forgive me as I wasn't sure where to put this post as I didn't see a category for lighting hardware. Let me start by saying I'm a complete noob... this is my first computer build EVER, so I apologize if my question seems really dumb or basic. Even though it's my first build I want to make it cool with lights and all.. This is what I have purchased: Corsair 680x case Commander Pro QL120 x 6 RM850x H100i I have ordered the Crosshair VII Hero and probably the Ryzen 3900xt So, very basic start here.. the 680x comes with a node / hub. But what I don't understand is that do I leave the RGB hub that it came with in there, plug all the fans RGB connectors into that, and then from that hub I plug into the Commander Pro (CPro)? Do I remove the node thing that it came with that is labeled LED 1 and 2 cause the commander pro has the same thing? Once again, I'm sorry if I am really stupid on this but this is my first build ever. I am just glad Corsair has a forum. P.S. I love corsair so I'm doing as much of it in Corsair that I can
  5. So i know there's a couple of posts out there already addressing this problem but what i've come across is the post kind of dies down in popularity for follow the subject and we never get an update. so I was wondering is there any new news about this chipset incompatibility with corsair? its come to my knowledge that corsair has recognized this problem but so far to no avail a soulution.
  6. Hey guys can you please help me out. My current system is going over 5 years old now, and with new gpu on the horizon I want do a upgrade, and build a system myself. However there are a couple a things I not sure about, and how to do them, how they work etc. So the plan is to buy: a Corsair 500D Case AIO 150 I pro RGB 3080TI :) I want to replace all the fans with QL120 fans. (7x 120mm, 2x 140mm top exhaust) Because I will have 9 fans I be using the Commander pro. But that has only 6 pwm fan connectors. (I think I figured out how the connect 9 rgb) using two led Hubs, connect these 9 to the hub. Connect the two Hubs to a lighting node pro, and connect the L-Pro to the C-Pro I want to setup my AIO As a push pull configuration. So 6x 120mm ql120 fans on my AIO Here's my question. Because of the limited 6 pwm fan connections the CPro, I still need 3 more connection. My idea can I use my AIO Fan splinter? (that are connected to the 150i pro) And connect this fan splitter to my Mobo CPU-FAN connection. Will I then still be able to use Corsair IQEU software to set my fan speed on those particular 3 fans? Or how else can I control then? Is it smart to do so. And which 3 fan's would be best. (sinds I want a push pull configuration.) also I want to front mount my AIO. Hopefully it's al clear, and hope you can help me out here :)
  7. Hey guys, so I'm doing my first ever build here in about twelve hours from now, and needless to say I'm a little intimidated. My knowledge of computers is mostly limited to what I've researched over the last two weeks pulling my build together. I've been trying to look through diagrams and whatnot to try and get an idea of how I need to set it up, but I didn't really find one that pertained exactly to my situation, and got totally lost when I saw the "PWM repeater" or whatever it was. I don't wanna accidentally plug stuff into the wrong place or overload the channel or anything like that. Can anyone help me get an idea of where I need to connect everything? I'll be using: Crystal Series 680X case 6x LL120 RGB fans (3 front intake, 2 bottom exhaust, 1 rear exhaust) H115i Platinum RGB AIO Cooler (top) 4 Pro LED Strips 1x Commander Pro 1x Lighting Node Pro I believe that's everything? I've also got the LS100 and two expansion kits but I understand those have their own external power source. I think i get the gist of it, fans go in the RGB fan hub, as well as the Commander Pro, LED strips go in the second channel? I don't know where the AIO goes or where I'm supposed to be inserting the Node Pro for all of this though, or whether all of this set up like this will sync up. Any help would be appreciated, I'm really looking forward to getting this together, I've got a friend who has some mild experience in this helping me out it together since he's got tools and an anti-static mat, but he's never worked with Corsair stuff and we're on a limited schedule, I'd hate to have him trying to figure it out for me. Thank you folks so much
  8. They call it D-RGB on the EKWB AIO I just received. The RGB connector is a three pin, ARGB connector, that is, four positions, but only three openings. My motherboard, which is older, only has four pin 12v RGB headers, no three pin ARGB headers. I do have the Corsair Commander Pro with the three pin LED port for the lighting strips. The AIO also has a VDG connection which is three pin. Can this be connected to the LED connections on the Commander Pro for it to control the RGB of the AIO? I have also found some RGB to VDG cables. Otherwise, I don't know how I would be able to do anything with the RGB on the AIO. I did find a converter which allow for connecting 12v motherboard header then outputs a couple of 5v RGB connections. It's by DeepCool. https://www.newegg.com/deepcool-rgb-convertor-black/p/1W8-00JK-00030 This might be a possibility, but I don't know how well it works or how safe it is. If it works I could use it for a couple of things in the build.
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