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New Corsair 280X All White Build

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Hi All!


I am new to this arena and this will be my first PC build which I am very excited about. I am pretty tech savvy and hands on so hopefully do not run into too many roadblocks! Below is my parts list which are coming very shortly and will be posting up photos of my build. Please feel free to share suggestions and feedback!



Part List -

* Corsair 280X Crystal White Case

* MSI B450M Mortar Titanium mATX Motherboard

* AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6 Core CPU

* Corsair 32GB (4x8GB) 3200Mhz Vengeance Pro White

* Asus RTX2060 TUG 6GB OC GPU

* Bykski GPU Water Block

* Corsair RM750x Gold 750W PSU White

* Corsair Hydro X Series XR5 Radiator 240mm

* Corsair Commander Pro Link System

* Corsair Hydro X XD5 RGB Pump

* Corsair Hydro X XC7 RGB CPU Water Block White

* Corsair LL120 120mm PWM Fan x 6

* TP-Link Archer TX50E (as there is no onboard Wi-Fi)



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Hi All just finished my build the other day. Let me know what you guys think. I must say, bending acrylic tubes requires a lot of skill and patience. To be honest at one point I was about to give up and just switch to soft tubing. Although I am pleased with the overall result for my first PC Build!!



















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I'm liking what you got going on there. I recently built my very first computer with a White Lian Li Lancool II. I'm old and apparently unimaginative, I've named it the White Wizard (after Gandalf - Lego figure currently on order) I have many Corsair parts installed also, a white AIO liquid cooler, white fans. I am currently just beginning to look at monitors, ultra-wide, in particular. What is that monitor you have there. I've been real interested in the Samsung G7. I want something that will allow me to utilize my RTX 2080 Super. Mad props on the water cooling for your first build!!! I started to do the same, but was told I'd void my GPU warranty by opening it to install the water block. I'll let it run for awhile before I go hard tube, but it's on my list of things to do. Again, Mad Props for a great looking system.
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Thanks man! Yeah I called my system the 'WhiteReaper' hahaha. I was also looking at the Samsung G7 or G9 but I just can't digest paying that much money for a screen. I opted for a Titan Army brand which uses a Samsung QLED VA panel 144hz and runs perfectly with my GPU with no hiccups. This brand is local to NZ but have heard they source from the same factory as Kogan and other online retailers. I was also worried about the warranty for my GPU but since I only opted for the RTX 2060 for now as my first build. When I get to do this again, I will spend a bit more on the GPU and opt for the 2080. Thanks for your comment!
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Update! I finally took the punt and switched GPU's and a bit of tinkering. A bit of a noob mistake when I should've opted for this GPU in the first place however at that time funds didnt allow it.


I have opted for the MSI RTX 2080Ti Ventus OC with the EK Classic RGB waterblock. I have moved my XD5 pump to the rear and removed the 2.5 and 3.5" SATA trays.


I do find that my thermals are a lit bit hotter as I am guessing the XD5 is confined in a small space with no heat dissipation. I am looking to get a thermal pad and cover the pump and giving that a try.


Funny thing is that if i run the pump at higher RPM's the pump increases the coolant temp but if you run on quiet mode then the coolant stays cooler????





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D5 do not tend to overheat. What you see may be due to the speed of the coolant that stays longer in the radiator when you are in quiet, and comes out a bit colder.

But if you look at GPU temp you should see the opposite, it should run colder at higher speed as the coolant temperature equalizes (less difference between rediator in, and radiator out.


It's a very high load for such a small radiator so you are going to feel stuff :p

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if you have your pumps temp sensor in one of the xd5 inlets and run the pump at full the probe will read a bit higher due to the heat created by the pump running at full speed and the housing warming a little, all d5's will show the same if you attach a probe to them. having relocated and indeed having multiple probes in place.. i know this to be the case..


and yes a 2nd rad would be a good idea given what you have in that build.. you NEED it... imho

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Thanks for your feedback Zotty. I have actually already upgraded over the weekend.


New Goodies:


* EKWB EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Crosshair VIII Hero D-RGB - Plexi

* Additional XR5 360mm Rad

* Upgraded case to 680X


Let me know what you think! I have 1 Rad (Top Rad) That specifically loops back to the GPU and the Front Rad Loops into the CPU Block. Very happy with the layout.

The whole thought process was that the XD5 pumps into the Front 360mm Rad and then pump into the CPU Block. Then pump back into the Smaller Rad to cool again and then pump into the GPU then back to the XD5!





One issue i am facing is the tilting of the vertical mount GPU. Anyone have the same issue?

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the tilting of the GPU is somewhat normal. the 680x is thin metal and the block is heavy.

Depending on your graphics card, the PCI bracket may be prone to bending too, i had it happen on my Asus RTX Dual. But there are sturdier replacements available if that's ever an issue.


Depending on your tube runs, they may push the card forward / pull backwards, so you may want to adjust them too.


But for the sag, the only solution i had found was to cut a piece of tubing and pop it under at the saggy end to support it.. but i had a radiator under, and that piece of tube was resting on the pump bracket.

If i was you, i'd get me a sheet of kydex (thermoplastic used to make gun or knife sheathes), and i'd cut and form a bracket that mounts on those fan mounting holes to support the GPU in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. It would take care of the tube pulling at the same time. I've done a reservoir support with one of those to horizontally mount a 300mm pump/res. If you have a heat gun and a dremel loungin' about, it can be a fun project :)

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Thanks LeDoyen! I ran soft tubing so i was able to pull the 2x8Pin cables back which gave the GPU support. However i will try what you have suggested over the weekend and see how it looks :)


Overall the new build has been fantastic! My temps on Idle are low as 28 degrees ambient room temp. Whilst on extreme load and OC'd my ceiling temp is 65degrees which im pretty happy about :). The 680X and the 2 Rad's have definitely helped!

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