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QL140 Fans, Commander Pro & Lighting Node CORE issue


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Afternoon All,


Hoping someone can help me with setting up the Commander Pro (ComPro)


I've got 3 QL140 Fans that were initially linked up to the Lighting Node Core and everything worked fine.


Today I have put in the ComPro following the instructions:

Turn off power, Mount ComPro, Connect 4 pin fans 1-3, Connect thermal sensors 1-4, Connect compatible ICUE such as Lighting Node Pro (I'm using Lighting Node CORE i connected the USB to the Commander Pro and the SATA power), Connect USB to Motherboard, Connect Sata, updated ICUE.


is this all correct?


Result /Issues

All Fans have Power

All fans have no Colour/RGB

ICUE is showing ComPro & Lighting Node CORE

Sensors are working


in ICUE i have both the ComPro and Lighting Node CORE both showing up.

I'm not to sure how to set up the fans (if all of the above is correct)


Also I was under the impression the Commander Pro controlled Fan Speed, I cant find this any where as an option


Thanks for your time & support

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