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dfi ultra-d and value select memory


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system specs:

a64 3200+

dfi nf4 ultra-d

x800 xl

120 sata

450 ocz modstream psu

windows home ed w/ sp2


at first i had a very unstable system random reboots , bsod , stuff like that.

started to do some trouble shooting and im at the point that i think my memeory is bad. when i first installed the os i had all sort of issues random reboots then windows comming up saying "windows has revored from a serious issue". well i thinking this i would solve my problem i updated my bios to 3/10(latest) and rebooted. the new dfi ultra-d bios have memtest right in the bios , so right when i booted up it ran memtest86+. the first like 26 mins i got 16 errors so i figured ok ill do some tweaking in bios. i read around forums

and read something about upping the voltage on memory , so i did (2.7 , it was 2.6 before). when i booted up with this setting my computer felt more stable , but it isnta complety stable. i ran memtest86+ again and let that run for like 4 pases i didnt get any errors , so i figured im good? or what? then after that i boot up again thinking i guess im good. so play some games , most of my games run fine , but after like 10 mins on each game it crashes and sometimes its stable and i can play for a while. its very random sometimes my games play fine and sometimes my games just crash after like 6 mins of playing. also sometimes my games crash along with my computer crashing. so im stumped , help!! im going to run memtest out of the bios again and see what i get.

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Please do and can you tell me our modules part# (How To Read the Memory Label)?



sorry for the wait i have been really busy with work and all. my system feels much more stable and i can run games with out crashing BUT it crashes sometims like its rare but it does. here are my bios settings.




DRAM Frequency set (mhz) auto

command per clock (cpc) auto

cas latency control (tcl) auto

ras# to cas# dely (trcd) auto

min ras# active time (tras) auto

row pre charge time (trp) auto

row cycle time (trc) auto

row to row delay (trrd) auto

write recovery time (twr) auto

write to read delay (twtr) auto

read to write delay (trwt) auto

refresh period (tref) auto

write cas latency (twcl) auto

dram bank interleave enabled

dqs skew control auto

dqs skew value 0

dram drive strength auto

dram data drive strength level 4

max async latency auto

read preamble time auto

idle cycle limit auto

dynamic counter auto

r/w queue byass auto

bypass max auto

32 byte granularity auto




fsp bus freuency 200

ldt/fsb frequency ratio auto

ldt bus transfer width down16 up16

cpu/fsb frequency ratio auto


cpu core voltage 1.38v

ldt bus voltage 1.20v

chip set voltage 1.52v

dram2.5v 2.77v


will post part number tommorrow , thanks!!!

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