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Coid ELITE USB headset - fluctuating microphone volume


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There's a few old threads in this forum ranging all the way back to 2015, which describe issues of low mic audio, and I suspect that many of the reports in those threads might actually be related to what I'm about to share, and it is not a simple low-volume issue.


This is a new headset, and my friends pointed out that they can't hear most of what I'm saying. Keyword here is "most" and not "all" - if the volume were consistently quiet then I can find a way to artificially boost it, but if it's fluctuating then boosting it will also boost the parts that they can already hear, turning my friends deaf. Not that I have anything against deaf people, but I wouldn't need a headset in the first place if I wanted to talk to deaf friends... I digress.


Anyways, I decided to test this by turning on playback on discord (and other apps), and humming a loud monotone into the mic. As it turns out, it picks up my hum just fine for the first second or two, then heavily drops. Here's a visualization from audacity:



After the volume drops, it's still there, but extremely quiet. This happened consistently every single time that I tested it. I can share more screenshots like the one above, but I hate uploading to imgur.


I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling iCue, I tried messing around with the audio settings, uninstalling/reinstalling audio drivers, and I tried using different USB ports (including 2.0 and 3.0 ports), and this has consistently behaved in the exact same manner.


Is there some sort of noise cancellation or equalizer built into this headset's mic? I tried checking the audio settings and the iCue control, and I haven't found anything. The closest thing I found is the "AGC" checkbox (Sound -> Recording -> Custom), but that's off by default doesn't seem to change anything when toggled - is it possible that it's just on by default and can't be changed?


I need some help here.

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