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  1. you can mount SSD in those HDD tray. No need to change them out.
  2. you will have just barely enough room. (but NOT with push-pull configuration) I recommend putting the radiator on the rear fan slot instead.
  3. Not sure what you are asking. But I can confirm the 2 HDD mounts on the bottom of the case are indeed hot swap.
  4. sounds like you just answered your own question haha but I do want to advise you to work with a smaller case since the 1000D required a lot of parts, so since you haven't build in a while, it may overwhelm and make the whole experience more troublesome than merit. But that's just my opinion. The 500D is also a good alternative.
  5. That's normal. Electronic stink will fade.
  6. Not the top, you will want to use the front for AIO.
  7. when was the last time you clean your PC? How's the GPU temperature when you are gaming?
  8. can you provide me with your support ticket number? I can help you follow up on your ticket. You might need to get the controller replaced.
  9. with the glass so close, literally just sit right on top of those fan, you are NOT getting any air if you are doing intake. If you have those fans configured as exhaust up top, they are just heating the glass... Whatever float your boat i guess.
  10. Let's clarify a few things first: 1. In iCUE, did you setup the case fans by themselves? 2. in iCUE did you set up the fans that came with cooler by themselves? 3. What do you see in iCUE? Some screenshot would be nice.
  11. Which screw holes are you trying to use? Can you show us some pictures?
  12. That's not going to work. The CPRO need iCUE running to regulate those fans speed.
  13. please make sure you also connect the SATA power as well.
  14. You shouldn't have any issue, just be wary which model of DRAM you are using. I would avoid any DRAM with tall heat sink.
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