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Hi guys. Believe me when I say this, I don't usually like to beg for help.. but please someone save me lol, I recently built a new rig, got the h100i radiator, it's great, however I'm having some trouble getting the rgb up and running, I also bought a corsair commander pro, but for the life of me can i get the rgb setup. I've searched online high and low pleeeease someone help me lol, mobo is MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, I've tried diagrams etc but can't seem to get it, I must be doing something wrong and it's driving me insane, please some good soul come to my rescue
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Hi there, I'm using the H100i RGB platinum, I plugged the usb that comes from the pump into the USB port on the commander, plugged the two fans into their according connections that come off the pump itself, it's just the two rgb connectors off the H100i that I'm having trouble with the commander pro, as the ones off the pump have 4 pin slots and on the commander they have 3 pin slots, also do I plug one into the Jcorsair connection on my mobo? I can't seem to find another connection, I was under the impression the commander pro could do it all. Am I missing something? Sorry If it's vague I'm trying lol Edited by M4RC0
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The H100i Platinum is a self-contained lighting unit. It does not require other devices. There should be an additional splitter coming off the pump for the flat lighting wires for each fan. There is also a splitter for the traditional fan power wires.


You do not need to connect the fans or lighting directly to the Commander Pro. However, you may want to use the USB pass through on the Commander Pro for the USB 2 connector for the H100i Platinum. You need those USB connections to lead back to the motherboard.


Presumably there are other RGB fans in this build? Those will be powered by the Commander Pro and their lighting wires go to the RGB Lighting Hub, which then connects to either of the two lighting channels on the Commander.

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The 4 Pin RGB connectors on the pump are for directly plugging in the fans to the cooler for RGB control. The commander pro is stand alone so you don't have to plug it into the JCorsair header on the motherboard. You just need to use the USB cable and Sata Power for the commander. No worries I think I got what you meant.


setting up the devices should go a bit like this.


H100i Platinum


4pin PWM connections > ML120 RGB Fans

4pin RGB connections > ML120 RGB Fans

3 pin (with one wire) DC fan connector > CPU header or Pump on motherboard (Depends on the board)

Micro USB cable > USB header on motherboard or commander pro

SATA Power from Pump > Sata Power cable (REQUIRED)


Commander Pro


Chassis Fans > PWM connectors on commander pro


(you can pick 2 of these)

3 Pin RGB connector > Other Corsair RGB Fans (Uses RGB Hub)

3 Pin RGB connector > Hydro X products

3 Pin RGB connector > Corsair RGB strips

2 Pin Connectors > Thermal Probes (Optional)

USB Headers act like a USB hub for internal devices

Sata Power > Sata Power cable

Attached USB cable > USB header on motherboard


Hope that clears it up a bit.

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