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H100i + LINK issues, please help!


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Please forgive me, I must first say that I am not very tech literate. I'm so very desperate for help.


I recently bought a used gaming PC. (fx 8350 water cooled 16gb memory 1tb hd 250gb ssd r9 390x gpu)


Corsair h100i is what is giving me issues.


Everything with the PC was working perfect until the USB disconnect/reconnected sound starting going off literally non stop. I thought it might be the keyboard or mouse but I eventually traced it to the h100i due to its LED flashing on/off with the USB sound. Opened the Corsair LINK app and noticed that one of my fans was also dropping to 0RPM and then back up.


I went searching on the internet and found a few forums but nothing really was working. Finally the sound stopped and the LED stated lit up. I was safe... For now. The next day the problem randomly started again. I checked where the h100i was plugged into the MB and everything seemed fine. No matter what I did, I couldn't get a different outcome.


I found a forum somewhere online where someone had the exact same issue and solved it by manually setting their fans to 100%. Now... I had no idea how to do this. I opened the LINK app and started trying to figure things out. The last thing I remember was clicking on my fan #2 and checking a box that said "shut down.." idk what the rest said. Now my PC not only has the initial issue but as soon as I get logged in, the PC shuts down. It gives me about 30 seconds after I log in and shuts down automatically. I have no idea what I've done. If I Uninstall the LINK app it won't shut down, but once I reinstalled it happened again. I really really would love to have some help. I'm worried I'll never figure this out.

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