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Pair of TWINX1024-3200XL dead

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Ok during the summer of last year i bought a nice pair of TWINX1024-3200XL. I felt like a man with these. I put them in my computer. Everything seemed awesome and great, untill...it started rebooting on me for no reason. I thought it was my CPU so i made my fan always on Max. It still happened when i did that. I later gave up on it and it dodnt restart on me as much. Then i started getting errors in windows about ram problems. I still did't care. As time went on i got really angry and decided to do a memtest on it. I have about 4 or 5 errors that said in size was a gig of ram, so i thought that it meant that both ram moduals were bad in those areas. Now that my power supply decided to melt its plugs onto my motherboard im sending all the parts back etc.


Also this is oppinionated but do you think that anything else could have been affected other than my motherboard and ram. I was thinking my video card and myabe my hard drives.


System Specs:

Athalon 64 3500+

MSI K8T Neo 2 Platinum

1gb of TWINX1024-3200XL

Radeon Atlantis 9800 128MB

On-board LAN

On-board sound

2x Seagate Baracuda 120gb. 7200RPM

Generic Speakers

Logitech MX510 mouse

Sony Keyboard.

Windows XP Pro SP1


Everything had the latest BIOS or drivers that i knew of.


Thanks a lot guys




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I cant really tell you much but ill try to remember from memory.


Everything was set up preaty much for factory settings. I just changed things like what booted up first. Nothing that should have affected the RAM. Also when i was getting errors i tried changing the latencys to the next highest number for each setting to see if it would do anything, but still didn't help.

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Please tell me when you can look in the bios the exact settings you had set. Also the minimum suggest voltage for these modules would be 2.75 Volts, so I would make sure that you have the Dim Voltage set to 2.8 Volts with this MB.
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Well see there are a few slight problems.


A. I don't have a power supply.

B. My Motherboard is fried.

C. My ram would always restart my computer, and also my neighbors computer.


So i don't see why I can not get an RMA when i know for a fact my ram is defective from when i did a memtest on it.

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He has an Athalon 2600+ with 400FSB. I also have no clue what he set the dim voltage to, but i am almost 100% positive he didn't touch the voltage. Also my friend has an ASUS A7V600-X. So what voltage should i try for that motherboard? I will also try doing a memtest on that too and see if there are errors.



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