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ICUE 3.20.80 Still keeping my cpu at 4.3ghz


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I just installed ICUE 3.20.80 in place of the 3.19 version and my cpu still getting stuck at 4.3ghz as soon as I close ICUE it reacts normally is there something I have set wrong or is ICUE just a system hog thanks.


Check your Windows power plan - "High Performance" seems to keep the CPU at maximum boost.

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Same issues here. Traced my problems to a svchost.exe running high with audiodg.exe, about 25-50% CPU. Switching audio output from my Corsair VOID to my monitor speakers fixes the issue until I switch back to my VOID again.


This issue has been in the iCUE software since 3.17. I've been running 3.16 and I'm tired of trying to see if the software devs are fixing these issues D:



Edit: So after fooling around with some registry areas and tracking down specific Corsair files that were not deleted once iCUE was uninstalled I think I might have a solution to offer:


1. If you have a Corsair headset, unplug it.

2a. Backup your iCUE settings.

2b. Uninstall iCUE and reboot.

3. Go to your C:\Windows\System32\ folder. You'll find 2-3 .dll files starting with "Corsair". Delete them.

4. Make sure iCUE didn't leave anything in %programdata% or the install location it was in.

5. Reinstall 3.20 and reboot.

6. Plug your headset back in once the computer and iCUE are loaded.


What I'm thinking is there was a bad driver in one of the installers and it wasn't being deleted when iCUE was uninstalled. Hopefully it fixes your issue.

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My power plan is balanced is there way to run the h150i without the software I don't mean hooking fans to motherboard I mean can you set up icue then be able to exit it and all still runs as set?


Yes, the H150i will continue to run as set -- as long as your are using H150i Temp (coolant temperature) as the control variable. That is the native source. Use the hardware lighting feature to set the pump RGB. The choices will be more basic than with software control. The cooler will continue to use the last known fan and pump settings.


However, what you are describing is not the same as the issue on 3.19 or something that is generally reported. Can you clarify whether all cores are maxed out? Or a single core? Use the Performance (CPU) view in task manager.


Since the Power Plan has been ruled out, that leaves either BIOS configuration or install corruption as the most likely. If you have not done so already, click on iCUE in the Settings Apps menu and follow the directions for a Repair Install. After that, the troubleshooting gets a bit more tedious.

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