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  1. Hi, the Audio Lighting which ships in current iCue for use with the LT100 towers (or otherwise) provides a direction toggle, horizontal(left-right) versus vertical(up/down). That's cool, but what it's missing which i'd like would be a way to toggle within that which specific way the audio levels are demonstrated. In other words, rather than having it set say to vertical and the beats shooting up.... I want to be able to have them shooting down. Why? I don't know, listening to a lot of heavy stuff recently and the huge drops might be cool to visualize the other way round. Thanks.
  2. I hate bump posts as much as anyone else, so I'll add some meat. Whenever the planned updates come along I sure hope they involve such things as configuring the ranges for display meters like my water temp, voltages, power draw etc which is mostly what I use the thing for any more given lack of development in other areas. I always have to remind myself that it redefines for itself what an average level is and just because a graph is topped out doesn't mean anything's high or low or whatever. Apart from that, The Nexus feature-set is holding me back less and less from trying alternative RGB management software options, as it doesn't grow and they do.
  3. This doesn't answer your question, but while we're talking about coolants, this half-scammy new entry is fascinating. Love to see whether it too will clog stuff up over time, or eat away at metals or something else horrible, because it's gloriously disturbing looking.
  4. If every single fan behaves poorly when plugged in solo, the issue is likely with the controller. you can try forcibly reflashing it, or you may be in a situation to RMA it. More often the issue is with a single fan in the chain which corrupts the signal passed down to every subsequent fan in the chain off the same controller. I've had that version, and swapping the single bad fan addresses the problem.
  5. Thanks DevBiker! I don't have any specific plans, but having done a rather silly extent of RGB-ing to this point I'm starting to wonder how far I could go.
  6. For the sake of argument, if I want to get jiggy with it and go beyond the 4th one that's arriving soon? 🤪
  7. At least there are lots of options now for EVGA cards, there weren't when I first started looking. I don't think we're supposed to name other brands or I'd point out which I got for my 3090 FTW3 Ultra, which is mindblowingly good at cooling it.
  8. Huh. I was hoping an XD7 would be more of a 12" reservoir tube kind of offering. This is surprising. Won't do my 1000D much justice so it's not for me, but cool anyhow.
  9. Matte black tubes have gotten trendy, and I'm finding myself surprised how much I like them. While there are some EPDM 3/8" ID 1/2" OD tubes available out on the net, they're perpetually out of stock, and I don't know how compatible they are on a materials miscibility basis with the rest of my Corsair gear. I see your frosted black hard tubes and they're glorious, but would certainly appreciate a matte black soft tube offering until I'm ready to revamp everything over to hard tubes (not happening until I get my 1000D Distro Plate from EKWB at the earliest). Thanks, I know you cannot talk about future products, just plugging my interest.
  10. I plugged mine into Channel 2, they're really just led strips, set them up as such.
  11. Still happening. I did a complete teardown uninstall, registry purge everything and clean download and fresh install of the latest version of icue4 and even a simple one-page nexus window still pauses and needs to be touched to start again.
  12. This stalling has not occurred once in 24+ hours on the new iCue 4.x branch.
  13. I unplugged and replugged the device from usb.... so far it's been running about 8 hours without a stall, whereas before hand it was stalling out any time I turned my head for 5-10 minutes. Not a "fix" at all, but potentially a workaround and maybe a hint where to look for the problem.
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