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New feature suggestion "Ambiance/Mirror" lighting mode for RGB Strips


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Hi there, I'm posting this here in the hope that a mod (maybe even James) stumbles upon it and goes "that's a great idea! Let's do it!"


(Got to be hopeful y'know)


So, everybody seen this already : https://www2.meethue.com/en-ca/entertainment/gaming


Basically, it's mirroring whatever is on screen to RGB strips behind the monitor to add immersion and it looks amazing. I have absolutely no doubt that with a little coding this feature could be added to iCUE. We already have something very similar in the "temperature" mode where iCUE scale a temperature set over a temperature data point of your choosing and the way it's built, you could assign a different temperature to each and every single RGB led in a strip.


The ghetto method I thought about would be to code a little piece of software that create new "temperature points" based on a pixel's colour. Issue is that it'd be confined to a 3 colour gradient scale so not quite there yet.


What I am therefore suggesting is to add a scaling/matching GUI part to iCUE (so to match the LED position with the screen pixel) and then link that to a "Mirror" lighting mode for the RGB strips.


From Corsair POV, they would immediately crush Phillips's attempt to get in the RGB gaming market since iCUE is a very powerful platform already.


In short;

-It's "easily" doable

-It'll get me and others I'm sure to buy more RGB strips

-It'll cut the grass from under Phillips's feet



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Many companies has this feature. F.e. NZXT has separate module called ambient smth. I has one worked so-so. Now i have farbwerk nano wich has this function and cost only 30 euros. And you can use 90 leds not 60 like in icue on 1 channel. A lot of people already made like this with the arduino and extra soft. Nothing dificult at all. I wish corsair will add music visualiser and this ambent light feature. Its not hard at all. You can find my post with aquasuite soft where you can adjust screen how wide or high tall it will capture light.


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