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Water damage possibly affecting lighting and space bar input, need help


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Firstly I'd like to say I'm noob on this forum so please forgive me, I've been having issues w/k95 Platinum over the last few hours when I knocked over a cup of water directly into the middle of my keyboard.


Immediately I grabbed a towel and unplugged the keyboard. I removed the key caps and let it drain upside down on a towel for a couple of hours. Later on it the day when I went to assess the damage I plugged the keyboard in to find that all the keys were working with the exception of the space bar.


Although I can get it to input with hard press and hold, it's very delayed and stops inputting after 3-5 spaces. Another thing I noticed was that all my G (macro keys) as well as 9 and 0 keys were constantly illuminated red. This isn't like other times where lights have froze on my keyboard, the lights constantly display red, but also can display other colors. So all the keys affected end up being tinted slightly red compared to the others around them.


I have removed all of the key caps once more and have set the keyboard upside down on a towel to hopefully dry some more. Really not sure what to do, if you have any experience with these types of problems please let me know.

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