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You're a Joke!


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Corsair, you are a big joke.


This "Early access" Software you call CORSAIR iCUE v3.14.100 ??


It is so full of errors, that it makes me sick.


I have tried the latest 3 versions on my pc. I have just uninstalled the latest version.


What i peace of junk!!!!


After 2 minutes i get Blue screen, and the pc counts to 100% before i can restart it. Som random kernel panic errors and so on...…


I have equipped my pc for approx 400 euros of Corsair.

But the rest is about 4500 Euros.


Its OVER!!!!! never more your amateur components in my pc.



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This isn't what you want to hear, but I'm running that version and haven't had a whiff of issues - and I have a pretty complex system with a ton of corsair devices and some complex profiles running. I'm sorry that you are having trouble.


I did have annoying issues in the past that were addressed by performing full reinstall on prior versions but this one's been good since it dropped.

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reinstall older icue for now and also reinstall your graphics drivers they seem to have mis-released this just today, but that worked for me, start here...

EDIT: I retried at home today and it worked great, I had previously had a graphics driver issue that coincided with the release install, but may have been the culprit. Please keep your head up and once you get it working, I swear it is worth it!

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Im pretty sure the problem is not iCUE... I haven't got BSOD except when i tried to overclock too much.



did you overclock your system?



Im pretty sure you can ask for refund or get your product fixed if you got a faulty hardware.

but chances to get faulty hardware from corsair are very unlikely.

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Wait I'm confused, it counts to 100% before you can restart? Are you getting the blue screen while it's running, or during installation?


Believe he is talking about the memory dump when you blue screen, has a counter that goes up to 100% once its completed taking the dump (recommends you dont reset until after).


Think there are apps you can get to view the details and see what libraries caused the crash.

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customer expectations


The new iCue is a problem in my opinion, and not just a small one!, it frustrated me a lot and creates hate.


I did buy 6 different mouses last week from different suppliers and choose the corsair mouse because of the price, BUT after all because of the software I used to use.


I forgot that i was using old iCue software so i find out later that this mouse wasn't supported,

BUT I cant use the chosen mouse it in a normal way with the new version of iCue,


its a shame that you need to set a dpi by steps of 200 on a GAME MOUSE and there is more.....


I still don't know if I want to find a new supplier or just want buy old devices so I can use the old iCue the old version,

this was much much better, even when it did crash ones a while, in the end it did feel satisfied.


The new version does take away all the freedom we had before,

has a weird GUI that you can't use on small monitors and it will give lags in game when opened, resize will give artifacts.


There a lot to mention, too much in my opinion, that why I think this guy is right.

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