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H100I - SP120 & Commander Pro - Help!

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I am looking for a little help & advice on my current build, as I am a first timer PC builder.


I have the Corsair Crystal 570x case, Corsair Commander Pro, Corsair Hydro H100I Pro Liquid Cooling, and 3x extra SP120 fans to match the 3x SP120 fans that come with the Corsair Crystal 570x case.


Basically I want to get all of the RGB, speed controls, etc working with iCUE. That is why I purchased the commander pro in the first place. I'v found a wiring diagram online, so I think I am good & understand how to set it up for the most part.


Lets start with the H100I Pro Liquid Cooling. Currently it has the SP120 PWM fans as stock, and a 4pin connector attached to the liquid cooling head / block that they plug into. Is there a way to get the 3pin SP120 fans to work with the H100I Pro Cooler, and also have the ability to control the fan speed? Everything I read is telling me I could get away with it, but it wouldn't be a good idea because I can't control fan speed, and the static pressure on the SP120 is poor compared to the stock SP120 PWM fans. Also lets say I go with the SP120 3pin fans. Do I have to plug them into the H100I 4pin fan connectors? Can I go right to the commander pro and RBG hub? OR is that a bad idea? Should I just keep the stock SP120 PWM fans with the H100I and sacrifice the RBG for performance, and eventually invest into 6x PWM fans down the road? I am willing to do that if necessary.


Lets say I do keep the H100I Pro Cooler stock fans. Can I still use the front 3x SP120 fans that come with the case, 1x SP120 as the exhaust, H100I 2x SP120 PWM fans and connect them to the commander pro / hub?


Now to setup the Commander Pro - I would attach the 4x SP120 RBG pins to the RBG hub that comes with case / fans (slots 1-4). Attach the 4x SP120 3pin to the commander pro (slots 1-4). Attach the corsair RBG logo on front of case to (slot 5) on RBG hub. Attach the RBG Hub to LED #1 on the Pro, and my LED lights to LED #2. Than I'd need to attach the H100I to the USB #1 on the Pro, and the power supply to the SATA on the commander pro?


This should allow me to control the 4x SP120mm fans, the Corsair Cooling RBG block, the LED lights and the corsair logo on the front? I should be able to control fan speed, and everything as well? Will I have control over the stock fans on the H100I?


Just looking for a little help & advice. Thank you

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There is no way to get the SP-RGB fans to be controlled by the cooler. The cooler will only control PWM fans; they are DC fans. The stock fans on the H100i PRO are ML fans, not SP120 PWM fans. And yes, they are better fans than the SP-RGB fans.


You can connect the SP-RGB fans to the Commander Pro and control them that way, even based on the coolant temperature. But connected to the cooler, they will run at full speed, all the time. While this will work, it'll likely be a little noisier than you want.


For the RGB, you have a good grasp on what you need to do. However, you won't be able to control the logo (which acts as an SP-RGB fan) without another fan hub OR an RGB Fan Splitter (they do exist).

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First off, thank you for the quick response.


That is what I kind of figured.


So my best bet at this point without buying anything else. Would be to stick with the stock fans on the H100i - Attach that to the commander pro, and just use the 3x front SP120 and 1x SP120 & LED's for RBG? If I went this route, would the logo still be a problem since it acts as an SP-RBG and the fans (minus the H100i stock fans) are SP-RBG fans. Or would I still need an additional hub?


Would I be able to control everything using this setup (H100i fans, 4x SP120 fans, LED's, logo, etc)? Do I need to plug anything into the MOBO? I'v been looking at these diagrams but each are slightly different.


I just don't want to plug things in and see smoke. The rest of the PC build was easy, but the fans and making everything work together with them can be a bit tricky.

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Ok, that definitely helps a lot.


Have a good read of it.. if you end up running the 6 SP RGB fans. then your RGB Fan LED hub would be full. leaving the RGB logo's not working... DevBiker above makes a Fan RGB Splitter cable that sorts that issue out and negates the need for a 2nd RGB Fan LED Hub

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Since I also have the Corsair Crystal 570x, an additional SP120 I bought for exhaust for even airflow, and the two stock ML fans that came with the H100I RGB Platinum cooler. I am going to connect the SP120 fans to the LED connector on the Commander Pro. Will I still have RGB control of the ML fans if I wire both the fan speed and RGB cables to the cooler and connect the cooler to the commander pro's usb header?

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