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Fan setup Corsair 500d rgb se


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Hey All.


New to the forum here so please forgive me if this has been discussed before. Just got the components for my new build and to be honest, I could use some help here.


First, here is what I'm running for case/cooling: the 500d rgb se with the new H115i Platinum 280 AIO cooler. I have a 3 pack of the LL 120mm rgb fans as well.


What is the best configuration with the above for cooling the i9-9900k?


The case comes with the 3x 120mm fans in the front, as intake to pull air into the case. In reading the instructions on setup for the H115i, they show the radiator top mounted and say to have fans spinning as intake for best cooling performance. This is how I currently have things setup. I will have one of the LL 120mm fans on the back of the case for exhaust.


Does this config sound right as the best setup for cooling?


Finally, the AIO comes with pre applied thermal paste. I was reading that thermal grizzly, kryonaut was some of the best rated thermal paste out there so I was thinking about removing the pre applied thermal paste and replace with the Thermal Grizzly... Thoughts?


I appreciate any tips in this setup.


thanks All.

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The thermal grizzly may give you an extra 2-3C on CPU temps. It's also something of a pain to use - it's quite stringy. It's easier if you heat it up a bit first (I'll put it in a ziplog sandwich baggie in HOT water for a bit) but it is still a bit messy because of the stringy. Noctua NT-H1 is almost as good - there might be a 1C difference between the two - and it's easier to apply without making a mess.
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New issue.


Installing h115i and instructions say connect pump tach cable to cpu fan header on the motherboard and it shows a 3 pin connection.


The gigabyte aorus ultra has a cpu fan pin header, however it’s a 4 pin.


What now?

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