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CPU Temp H115i Pro


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Just upgraded from FX8350 to Ryzen 2700X and H115i does not show correct Temp anymore. It is always around 30`C, even in high cpu load.


See it on idle:



See it on load:



I have noticed this as my Lightening settings based on H115 temp didnt react on the load.


What I should do to fix this?




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That looks like the coolant temperature, not the CPU temperature. It does react to load but it's slow - the liquid as a much higher specific heat than the CPU or air. Also, if your ambient environment is sufficiently cool and your fans are already going full on, it may be shedding the heat just as fast as your produce it (which isn't a bad thing, btw).
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Could you post a bigger screenshot?


It almost looks like you've posted the ram temperature and not the CPU



Water temp reads lower than CPU temp for sure, with my 2700x i'm seeing about a 30-40C difference... i'm honestly not sure if thats a problem or not, as the chip runs fine

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