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  1. I am assuming here what's going on is the psu is just making coil noise under load. Windows may well know when the monitor us unplugged which could drop the power consumption. Gaming, the noise will be dependent on frame-rate, which will change according to the direction you are looking in. It's not uncommon to find that PSU's develop this behavior as they age. I had an RM750X that did exactly the same thing.
  2. I am not sure what you are expecting anyone to say. Components of a PC are a bit like cars these days, you don't replace a cog in the gearbox, you replace the entire gearbox. If there is something wrong with the PSU, I am pretty sure, at least on any forum, all the advice will be to replace the PSU. The only other option is to do what you say can not be done, which is to return it under warranty.
  3. The first two at higher frequency and slower timings, the last one is lower frequency and faster timings. This really comes down to personal choice. I am not an AMD expert at all, but there is a certain range of frequencies that you can choose for a CPU but the higher you go the more risk you are taking that it won't work and you will have to fiddle with it a bit to get it to work ( which you may want to avoid ). This is not down to the RAM rather it is down to your CPU and Motherboard. If you are very uncertain about memory I would just look in the Ausus compatibility list and choose a memory from there. The bottom two memories you mentioned are recommended. Which one you choose is up to you. The bottom one has the lowest, safest frequency, the top one has the highest, slightly more risky frequency.
  4. I am not a RAM expert but I think this is true. The problem is as much down to the motherboard and CPU as it is anything else. They need to remove the current bottlenecks to allow things to go faster and this is not just changing the RAM. Intel tried to do this some years ago by creating serial RAM. A bit like the SATA interface it seemed illogical but it actually increased access times to disks because serial interfaces can run much faster than parallel interfaces.
  5. The memory will work at that speed, but what a lot of folks buying memory don't realise is that even when you select the XMP profile you are overclocking parts of your motherboard and CPU, which might not work overclocked. There is always a risk with anything other than the standard ( non XMP ) memory that your PC will not work with it. In that case you have to fiddle the settings to get the best performance you can.
  6. It's wise to check if it is in stock before you order. Stock deliveries are patchy at the moment thanks to Covid. I ended up spending a lot more than I wanted to, to get one that was actually in stock. However, delivery was extremely fast indeed. Corsair sent it same day on 24 hour delivery. But don't forget that was a month ago before Brexit happened and now there may well be complications at the airports. If the item is out of stock you might as well sit on the order because everyone is in the same boat. Power supplies, and many other components right now are hard to come by.
  7. Yes, I buy them because they don't have that dreaded lump of heatshrink on near the connectors that's impossibly ugly and inflexible, lol. I know it's a lot of money but it is lost in the cost of a good PC.
  8. For PCIe type three and four are the same. For future reference the only difference between 3 and 4 is the big cable that connects to your motherboard so it doesn't affect the PCIe at all.
  9. Shh! Don't let corsair here this, but I am a fan of iCEU but at the same time I don't let it automatically update. If necessary I block it in the firewall. The reason is pretty simple, if it works, DON'T FIX IT! And if it doesn't work then just find and go back to the previous version. Corsair are terrible for releasing bugged versions of iCEU.
  10. Have you switched off all overclocking? Including the fact that many Asus Z390 motherboards by default overclock the CPU by switching all cores to maximum. Even selecting XMP is overclocking the motherboard.
  11. Fixed it. Seems that Commander Pro needed an update
  12. Ah, solved it. No particular fix, on the 12309th attempt it worked. Everything is fine now.
  13. By deleting the all the old profiles it's now working - sorta - there are two issues left which I have raised in separate threads.
  14. It just drops out of iCEU when I try to update Commander Pro. It seems to get 1/3 of the way then just drops out. Anyone know why this might happen? Is there a manual way? I tried to download the update and it just downloaded iCEU again.
  15. Runs normally then crashes out when I try to close my PC. Have updated to the latest version. Anyone any clue? this doesn't happen if I exit iCEU. Only if I switch the PC off. I was using an older version and the problem didn't change when I updated to the lastest.
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