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New K95 RGB Platinium install issues


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Hello Folks, my wife just bought me a K95 RGB Platinium speed keys keyboard.


Took it out of box, plugged it in, fancy lights, went to Corsair web page and downloaded iCUE_Setup_3.9.93_release.msi like it said I should do. but that file (300 megs) will not install. I get an installation error, cannot read file. So my keyboard is `generic now and not working every good.


No support for this anywhere. `


Am I missing somethingÉ


Windows 7, Icore 5, ASUS



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Hello and thank you for your reply, I didn't have to download that hotfix as it was already installed on my PC, I rebooted, updated all my drivers, (none required), re downloaded iCue 3.9.93 and tried again ........same error message.


what horrible instruction Corsair has in the little booklet that came with my new keyboard. this is all that it said.


1. turn on computer

2. connect the keyboard.

3. download, install and run the program.


wow...so easy. Yet I read in these forums, people have to install the usb then reboot PC holding down Esc key then plug in other usb. etc, etc......they go on and on.


I just spent $199.99 on a piece of their equipment and this is Corsair install, help, troubleshoot manual


1. turn on computer

2. connect the keyboard.

3. download and install the file.

4. run the installer program

5 follow the instructions.



Anybody? any suggestions? basically the .msi file will not run.

and the keyboard is set to some weird language, so I can't use it.


I did put in a ticket on Saturday, still waiting to hear from them.


Help Please

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