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Found 11 results

  1. iCUE states "There is a new firmware version available for K95 RGB PLATINUM 3.21. Do you want to update firmware now?" Upon hitting the update button it fails to "Failed to check for a firmware update." I don't understand. It already found an update, how does it fail to find it again? Is there just a file I can download and input manually? (I have unplugged literally all corsair equipment except for the K95 Platinum, so check that off the troubleshoot list along with reboots)
  2. I just built a second PC and I want to use my K95 Platinum on it. I successfully saved 3 profiles to hardware on my original PC, however, upon import on the new PC all of the profiles are blank. Only the names show up. If I plug the keyboard back into the original machine everything shows up just fine. I also noticed WAY prior to this that I had no color profile on the keyboard until the PC finishes booting. It started doing that when I had on board profiles saved then did a fresh install of iCUE. After iCUE installed I will have nothing until the boot finishes, where before I could cycle through the profiles as soon as I turned my PC on. I don't care if the solution is hardware or software specific. I just want to be able to import my profiles on my new machine without having to remake them. Firmware: 3.21.28 Software: 3.30.89 Note: I tried again before posting for screenshots and the same result
  3. Hi guys! Today Amazon just delivered my new Corsair Keyboard. When I took it out I plugged the 2x USB cords in the back of my computer. I then downloaded the iCUE Software that allows updates and to change and tweak your keyboard: such as color, etc etc. When I plugged it in it lit up and worked perfectly. Could type, play, etc. Worked fine. When iCUE was done it said there was an update so I began updating it and left it alone to do some chores to let it install. When I got back iCUE said there was an error with updating. Internet worked fine. Everything was plugged in. So I closed out of iCUE and rebooted it and tried again. This time the whole keyboard shut off and the same message occurred, but this time it said the keyboard wasn’t plugged in and asked to replug it in to allow the download to continue. So I closed it again. And restarted my computer. But the keyboard doesn’t work now. I have Windows 10-64 bit and the keyboard doesn’t even work and I can’t enter my password (I have my old keyboard still so I’ll use that in the mean time). My Corsair Scimitar PRO works fine (for now) but in iCUE (before turning my computer off) it doesn’t even show up in the products available. What’s even weirder is that power still goes into the keyboard because the keyboard has a USB port to plug your android or iPhone plug in to charge your phone or whatever. I tried the restart your keyboard method, which is holding down the ESC button while unplugging then replugging the USB's while holding ESC until the colors turn back on. Nothing happens. I even turned off iCUE and tried it again. Nothing. I even uninstalled iCUE and the problem is still going on! I also tried doing this on my Macbook Air, nothing happens. I also went into device management (or manager) and uninstalled my USB drivers and restarted the computer / updated them. Nothing. Now I’m stuck out of my computer. I don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it. I bought the: “K95 RGB PLATINUM XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY® MX SPEED” I bought the MMO Corsair Mouse scimitar. And the Corsair CA Wireless RBG wireless Se wireless headphones. I haven’t tried the wireless headphones, and don't know if I have a problem with them. So far, just the keyboard. What’s the problem? How do I fix it? Should I return it? Is it defective? I left the Cult of Razer because I was tired of their overpriced items and having the results be absolutely horrible. Corsair always seemed like a good company. And the keyboard looks amazing and all. Just curious what I can do. TL;DR: K95 Corsair Keyboard stopped working during updating it on iCUE. Restarted computer and iCUE multiple times. Now keyboard won’t work / respond to typing or whatever. Unresponsive. Tried plugging it in every USB port on my computer and it won’t light up or work. There’s a USB on the keyboard to charge your phone which works! My phone charges!! Should I return it, and order another one?? Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks guys. Hope all is well. -Kojak
  4. I was using my keyboard and then it started turning on and off. I though this was a update so I stayed calm until it stayed off for about 5 minutes untill it started to turn on and off again. Then I panicked because I dont want to loose 200 dollars. Also I just noticed in ICUE there is a red triangle. What could I do to fix this problem. The keyboard is a k95 platinum rgb.
  5. Hi everyone Yesterday i sold my K95 Platinum. Unfortunately, I did not get a copy of my macros. Is it possible to find the macros saved in some files/folder on my PC? I still have/use iCUE and i can still see my profiles, but i cant open the profiles and see macros/lightning, because i have no keyboard attached.
  6. Hi im a new owner to a k95 rgb platinum with this nice and shiny metal optic. It works solid as for the two days i used it. The only problem i have is that i would like to have keycaps with a german layout. I tried searching them online but all i found were the doubleshot pbt uk/us ones. There is a qwertz version of the rgb 95 to buy. So I thought there would be keycaps to purchase easily. Can somebody tell me where to get the qwertz doubleshot pbt keycaps? Thx in advance
  7. Hi i just purchased the k95 platinum There is no advanced option neither the wheel in the left of it where both should be, i tried to update the firmware, but all the attempts failed. please help!
  8. Salut j'ai un problème avec mon clavier, le rgb ne fonctionne plus. Mon icue est à jour donc c'est peut être mon connectique mais il remarche de temps en temps. Donc je sais pas quoi faire. Si vous avez des idée merci
  9. Hello all, I recently bought several Corsair products and love how the look all together RGB and all. However, I saw tons of youtube videos where people had their MM800 Polaris and their Corsair keyboards flashing together as audio visualizers. I searched for any sources or guides to program the MM800 and my K95 Platinum to function together as one giant audio visualizer setup. If any group of people would like to help to develop this thread to give a source of information and guides to help other people with their audio visualizer wishes for their MM800.
  10. I just got a Dark Core SE and an k95 Platinum. iCUE is working really well, but I cant change my hardware profiles on my Dark Core. In iCUE, when my keyboard and one of its hardware profiles is selected, it has a tab that says 'Onboard Profiles'. but when my Dark core and one if its hardware profiles are selected, it doesn't show that tab. I can change my onboard keyboard profiles, and when I sign out of windows to the lock screen, the 3 onboard profiles work like the should. when I select one of my dark core onboard profiles and change its settings, (for example just change the color from rainbow to a static white) it seems to work, and the mouse and software show the new hardware profile, but when I close iCUE and sign out of windows, all 3 profiles are rainbow again and macros/keybindings don't save either. when I sign back in and reopen iCUE, it says the Hardware profile is a static white. What is happening? Can someone please help me? I hope this is all a user error from me being stupid, as that is easily fixable with your help but it might be an actual problem with the mouse. BTW:iCUE, Dark Core, and k95 Platinum firmwares are all up to date.
  11. Hello Folks, my wife just bought me a K95 RGB Platinium speed keys keyboard. Took it out of box, plugged it in, fancy lights, went to Corsair web page and downloaded iCUE_Setup_3.9.93_release.msi like it said I should do. but that file (300 megs) will not install. I get an installation error, cannot read file. So my keyboard is `generic now and not working every good. No support for this anywhere. ` Am I missing somethingÉ Windows 7, Icore 5, ASUS Help
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