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Horizontal use of Corsair AIO watercooling


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I would like to know if the Corsair AIO watercooling sets may be used in horizontal position.


For more then 5 years I've been using a H60 in my tower.

Now i changed my whole system and my new pc case is now horizontal.

I can't use my H60 this way. The pump make a terrible noise. It only works quietly in vertical position.

I changed to a H45 which was quiet at the beginning but now after a one hour P95 stability test, got very loud too.


I'll send the H45 back to reseller, because the fan is also quiet loud.


Therefore my question, are the Corsair AIO certified for horizontal use ?

I can't find any information about this on the net.

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For the H60 you are right i guess.


The Fan of the H45 was a no go for me. Compared to the fan of the H60, the H60's fan doesn't make any noise. The H45's is really loud.


The Pump was acceptable at the beginning. Typically, like others, it runs with 4500 RPM, with the typical noise pumps do at this speed. After the stability test, the sound wasn’t normal anymore.

I’ve send it back. I’ve seen there are now AIO with flow control. Reducing Pump speed sounds good to me.

Thanks for your time.

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I agree the orientation shouldn't matter, but the H60 may have been a touch low after years of service. The H45 is a different matter. The design is different and so too pump location. I am not sure how this would affect the sound if you were to mount the radiator/pump housing in a horizontal plane. The cold plate should not matter. Still, it is different than all the others and one I have not taken apart.


I used my older H110 in the horizontal plane for quite some time without issue. This should be viable with most coolers.

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