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Corsair RM 1000W (Coil Whine)


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Long story short I've had issues with graphics cards and coil whine for last few years, it took a few returns to finally get a GTX1080Ti which didn't result in coil whine. However, I've just purchased a RTX2080Ti and the coil whine is back with a vengeance.


I'm honestly not sure if it's the graphics card or the PSU as it's difficult to isolate, if not the PSU directly it's probably the cause because my luck can't be this bad.


Is there any way to reduce this without replacing the PSU? ordering a new PSU and essentially rebuilding the system seems like a PITA.

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which is it an RMi or RMx psu dude?.. if so.... 10 yr warranty you know........


Neither, it's just listed as RM 1000W, not sure they sell this model anymore.


PSU's cost a lot to post, do they arrange collection? I'd also have to check I still have the original box, this was 4 years ago.


EDIT: I'll probably send back the RTX back at this point, on the off chance it is actually the card causing the noise in this case because right now I just don't know.

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obviously the common denominator here is PSU... if its only 4 years old then its got to be still in warranty. either way its worth starting a support ticket buddy....


Agreed, but going without a working system for a week or more would kinda suck. Unless they can supply a new one at the same time, that would be cool.


Anyway, collection has been arranged for my RTX2080Ti, shame because it was damn fast.


GTX1080 back in and all is silent again.


Funny thing is from the order I placed 4 years again from a large etailer there were three items from Corsair, H100i, the PSU and the case.


The H100i had annoying pump noise, I got it replaced but the replacement was exactly the same, that literately did end up in the bin


A few years later and now the PSU is causing me problems, they say things come in threes, not sure much can go wrong with a case though. :D:

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