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A8N and TwinX 2x512 Mo PC3200 X-Treme Low Latency


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My system is

A8N SLI deluxe bios 1003

AMD 3200+

1*6600GT Leadtek

1*disk S-ata



ID Mem


XMS 3208V1.2



XMS 3208V1.2



My problem: Memory miss memtest at 1T2.2.2.5@2.8V

The best performance obtained is 1T2,


What can I do?



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Please explain this.

When I set my memory in #cas 2, WinXP crash or reboot without warning(ex :launch Msn & reboot :confused: ).


With Memtest+ I've error in all tests, a pass make at 50% => 300errors.


With memory stress test of Microsoft, the error message which generally occurs is : expeded 0x00000000, read 0x80000000.


When the memory is set in #cas 2.5 that work! No error with Memtest+ & Microsoft stress test. I can run benchmark (3dmark2001, SuperPI......) without problem.



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Please check the label on your modules and verify the part# and if you do have XMS3200XL modules please set the dim voltage to 2.8 Volts and test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org.


Test "One at a time" didn't show any error. But the 2 modules together, the test fails.

I want return the mother card to Asus. It s the best thing to do.


Thank for your help.

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