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2 x H100i v2 - Cpu and Gpu


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Unsure if I am missing something or just gone overkill,


I installed a H100i V2 for the cpu - works fantastic


then since my GPU gets 70-80 I bought a NZXT mount and installed another Hv100i V2 - yeah yeah probably overkill, but heres my problem


the LINK software doesn't pick up that I have 2 separate H100i


has anyone done something similar and if so how did you get around it


I need to be able to set custom fan/pump for each cooler - is it possible?


What am i missing - TIA

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Are both coolers plugged in to USB?

Do both coolers show up in Device Manager?


Piggybacking off DevBiker here - are you using any type of splitter for the USB headers or are they direct connected to your motherboard?

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Couple questions regarding the nzxt bracket and the h100i

Is it an NZxt G10 or 12 ?

Is the h100i a square block or a round one

and if its a square one, how did you get it to fit on the nzxt bracket coz I want to do this too but I thought only round blocks fit the nzxt g10 & 12

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