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Lookin 2 control the RGB of the ll120 and others without Corsair controllers.


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Okay first let me say sorry because I'm sure theirs a thread somewhere about this I just can't find it.


I'm looking to control the RGB capabilities of the ll120 and other Corsair fans without Corsair controllers. First off yes I know there RGB setups and connections are proprietary. But I was wondering if anybody knew of a different controller that can be used with the ll120 RGB. I have an RGB LED strip kit that has an infrared remote and Bluetooth capability for phone app control and I was hoping to integrate the ll120 into that for an Xbox im building. Im also pretty sure that the RGB on these fans is controlled by 5 volts not 12 volts and that they are also controlled by pulse width modulation. Also is it possible to get the LEDs to light up by sending certain voltages on each lead or do they really require pulse-width modulation control?

So if anybody has had any luck splicing these into a different controller please let me know. My stripping, splicing, soldering, wiring skills are high.

Also if anybody knows of any kind of fans that look similar to these LL120s and don't require proprietary RGB control and have 4-pin 5 or 12 volt(12 volt preferably) RGB control that can be controlled from a bunch of different kind of universal RGB controllers then that information would be invaluable to me.

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You might find what you're looking for here.




Oh wow that is very good and very in-depth. Excellent find thank you very much. However I don't know if all that work is worth it unless I can figure out a way to make the RGB controller that I currently have control the Arduino which would control the fan which I don't doubt for a second is possible. However I have no experience with the arduinos I'm just aware of them and have seen some pretty cool things with them. I bought a 16 foot RGB LED strip off Amazon and I was specifically looking for a remote control and Bluetooth app capability so that I can install it into an Xbox One S im building however the RGB LED strip is a 12-volt strip and the Corsair ll120s RGB is 5 volt and I do believe the LLs RGB is controlled by pulse width modulation. I'm sure if I read that thread you sent me I would understand how the RGB in the Corsair ll120 works. I just skimmed through it real quick but I'm definitely going to read the whole thing when I get some time. However in the interim I looked around for RGB fans that can be controlled by Universal RGB controllers and finding fans that can be controlled by Universal RGB controllers are hard to find because it's never specified. However if you're looking up an RGB fan and it specifies that you can connect it to a 4 pin 12 volt header on a motherboard then it's a good bet that it can be used with the right Universal RGB controller. And then when you find one you're interested in it might not have pulse-width modulation controlling the motor although I do have an adapter that converts 4-pin pulse-width modulation to 3-pin fans and controls the fan speed on a 3-pin fan with 4-pin pulse-width modulation. But after doing a few hours of research I came across this fan Raidmax NV-R120TP PWM RGB Fan. And I think that's the closest you're going to come to a Corsair LL series that will hook up to a universal RGB controller and have motor PWM.


LOL sorry I wrote so much but I use voice recognition on my phone and don't realize how much I wrote LOL

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