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  1. Sorry to hear about your PSU, go ahead and get a support ticket started at https://www.corsair.com/us/en/support and provide proof of purchase and our support team can further assist you.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about the commander pro, I would suggest getting a support ticket started at https://www.corsair.com/us/en/support. Our Tech support team can assist you with getting the Commander Pro replaced. Do you have an Asus Mobo? When no CPU fan shows up it means the pump isn't initially spinning up fast enough, you can lower the speed within the bios itself. How fast does the temp climb? What are the temps you are seeing?
  3. When mounted to the front of the case it the 1060 will clear but it will not be able to fit in a hard drive cage.
  4. Wish I could assist you I've only messed around with LL's with the LNP and Commander pro itself.
  5. Have you tried changing the slot of it on the RGB hub to see if that single LED will switch to a different color? Did this recently start happening or has the ML fan always reacted like that?
  6. Does you computer constantly restart? From what you have described it sounds like it could be a PSU issue. When the computer turns on does the pump appear to be working?
  7. I believe that cooler itself might be a little too big for the case itself because of the optical drive bays. With the bays included the the supported radiator fit is a 240mm cooler. If you don't use the optical drive bays theoretically the h115i will fit just fine.
  8. Pretty much any 1150x socket type is compatible with any of the coolers we currently have out.
  9. As DevBiker has mentioned, go ahead and create a support ticket and upload proof of purchase for the cooler. The Tech support team will further assist you.
  10. I don't have any fan diagrams on hand but off the top of my head you can do 3x120mm fans or 2x140mm up top. You can do 1x120mm in the back of the case. As for the fans, I'd suggest using the ML fans for performance but if you are going for an aesthetic approach then the LL fans.
  11. That is something that we will have to just sit back and wait and see.
  12. What version of Corsair Link are you currently running? Have you tried to either repair or a clean install of the software itself?
  13. From what it sounds like there could be minor clogging which is why the temps are starting to spike up. Besides cleaning and reapplying thermal paste I would suggest to go ahead and create a support ticket to start the RMA process.
  14. Can you describe the type of lighting effect you currently have within the software? If you tried CUE 2.24.50 do lighting effects stick or does it now do the same as if iCUE were installed? Only thing off the top of my head is if you have a static lighting effect, you'll want to make sure all the keys are selected within the program to properly reflect the lighting effect itself.
  15. Sounds like the next step would be to try a manual flash, create a support ticket and the Tech support team can further assist you.
  16. Have you tried the fan that is not operating in slot one of the RGB hub to see if it will properly light up? Could be an issue with the hub but from what it sounds like could be a fan issue.
  17. The Mk.2 version of the K70 will not work on the lapdog, any other K70 keyboards will work just fine.
  18. Corsair Lettuce

    H110i gt

    That's good to hear, as Devbiker mentioned pay attention to the pump temps if you start to see temps rising again. The ideal coolant range is anywhere between 30C - 55C.
  19. You can try a manual flash on the mouse, create a support ticket and the technical support team can provide you the proper firmware to try.
  20. Have you tried to perform a soft reset on the keyboard yet? Unplug the keyboard, hold down the ESC key, plug the unit back in while holding the key down and release the ESC key after 15 seconds.
  21. This post belongs in the audio section, but are you referring to sidetone? Also the patch that you are referring to is that the update to 3.5.111 iCUE itself?
  22. Does "CorsairUSBXp Driver" appear within the device manager? By chance are you running any other RGB controlling software besides iCUE?
  23. Sounds like you might need to have the keyboard manually flashed, create a support ticket and the technical support team can assist you with the file.
  24. Though the price of the Double shot keycaps may seem high they are def worth it, the quality of the keycap itself is superior. How many keys are you have issues with?
  25. The H100i v2 is not compatible with TR4 Socket. It does work with the AM4 bracket but the TR4 brack from Corsair only supports the Pro Coolers.
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