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  1. You are basically pulling in an extra 200W+ through the radiator with the GPU under load, that's probably double or triple the CPU output. Run the rear as intake, run the top as intake, front as exhaust etc.
  2. As topic, I'm looking to replicate the profile on the Commander Pro for some additional fans.
  3. Basically, that's how a fan works. The start up voltage of a fan is much higher than the voltage required to maintain it spinning, that's why it won't stop again. I bet if you poked it it will stop.
  4. tiessar

    AM4 Bracket kit

    eBay Asetek AM4 bracket.
  5. https://www.moddiy.com/products/USB-3.1-Type%252dC-Gen2-Front-Panel-Header-to-USB-3.0-20%252dPin-Adapter-Cable.html
  6. I am 99.9% sure you could just plug it into your Lighting Node Pro with some jumpers, and set the channel to HD Fan (for 12 LED control) and it will work fine. There is nothing special about the LEDs used in all of these setups. You can even use off the shelf addressable LED strips if you wanted to.
  7. Buy EY-M05 Headset Microphone Wind Shield Foam from eBay.
  8. Dont forget that it's powered from the PCB inside the pump block, there's a limited amount of MOSFET driver etc, the wiring itself is not the limitation.
  9. As long as you block all other vents (back of case, bottom of case etc) to force all intake through the radiator, you'll have plenty of flow to cool most CPUs.
  10. So you've contacted support and they didn't help?
  11. Why not just pull 12v from the Xbox PSU to power the LED strip? 5v dLED are completely digital, not an analogue/pwm signal. The LL fans use digital 5v LEDs.
  12. Get a higher quality or shorter Type C cable, you're adding too much length so it's dropping out. Cables certified for Type C and/or PD aren't certified for that performance on an extension.
  13. 30ms is what the Avnera wireless module does, it won't go any faster.
  14. It's pretty obvious if you read the specifications. No. You can't even plug them in wires as there's no 3.5mm jack.
  15. The LL fans will perform better (due to increased RPM) than the included ML fans either way :)
  16. What you're looking for is the AX range.
  17. Windows Store games have serious issues with any software that has overlays, or even hardware acceleration (web browsers etc)
  18. There is nothing you can do if you don't want to delid. Run the CPU at stock and you will have more than acceptable thermals.
  19. The lengths would vary based on what motherboard and PSU you have so it's kinda hard to answer that. Just get extensions.
  20. real world is a different matter. I used to run splitters for HDDs, with splitters I was limited to 10 HDDs off a certain PSU, without splitters (custom wiring with vampire crimped connectors) I managed 24 HDDs before running into current draw issues (the initial spin up when the most current is drawn, just like fans). This initial burst is what would be smoking the mosfets. I did consider that splitting the 5v PWM signal could also be the issue, but motherboard headers can run 5-8 way PWM splitters just fine off a single header. Arctics daisy chain system for fans is also rated to 5 fans off a single PWM signal.
  21. RM1000i/x is quieter :P This PSU will run ~500W without activating the fan which is about 100W less than the HX1200i, however, the fan itself is quieter if required. 500W is more than enough for an overclocked 6-8 core CPU and overclocked GTX 1080Ti.
  22. Threadripper CPUs come with a gen1-5 Asetek bracket in box, so I'm not sure what the OP is trying to achieve with the AM4 bracket.
  23. 0.299mA multiplied by three isn't what you're doing, an increase in wiring length and each additional connector significantly impacts the current drawn.
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