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Question Regarding about Replacement SSD

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Hello, Guys.


Please allow me to share what my situation at the moment.


I am located in Malaysia, and purchase a Corsair SSD from a local retail shop few years back, and i did retain the receipt original copy.

On May 2018, my SSD "Corsair Neutron XT SSD 480GB" fail and contacted back the local retail shop for proceeding with the RMA procedure.


The RMA procedure itself do have some hiccups as from what i were told, Distributor for Corsair in Malaysia has been changed, and my RMA will be delayed. and i have no issue or problems as long as new distributor were willing to assist me.


Today, i receive contacts from the local retail shop to update me regarding about my RMA status.


My Corsair Neutron XT SSD 480GB will be replace with Corsair LE200 480GB.

No offense but, i purchase the Neutron XT SSD 480GB in the first place was because of it's MLC based NAND and that promises a better write endurance. And the replacement that i receive now is a TLC nand SSD.


Currently, i haven't receive the SSD as it is currently at retailer's place.


personally, i feel the replacement is a downgrade, and i`m skeptical about the Corsair LE200 480GB SSD Endurance rating since it's a TLC nand, and it's listed 120TBW.

Neutron XT MLC 480GB is listed as 124TBW.

Corsair LE200 480GB TLC 120TBW vs Corsair Neutron XT 480GB MLC 124TBW


I`m seeking advice and opinion for this matter. thanks for reading this.

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Malaysia Corsair Distributor didn't provide me any ticket number.

i only have the RMA receipt from the retailer.


Can i get ticket number from Malaysia Corsair Distributor?


Or should i create a ticket in your system?


because currently the situation is quite messy at the moment.

New Corsair Malaysia distributor did not ask me if i`m okay with the replacement model which is the LE200 SSD, and directly send the replacement model to the retailer, and currently retailer wants to send the replacement SSD to me. I told the retailer to put on hold on this, and i would like to contact Corsair and seek out for advice and what options do i have.

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  • Corsair Employees

Possibly. I mean, those aren't us. The distributors are people who buy product from us.


Some international retailers will do things like resolve RMA's for customer's instead of making them do the process themselves. They might have a ticket number on their end to provide to you if you request it.

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I receive email replies from them, and they explain to me that the Neutron XT model is already EOL. And the only number they could provide is RMA number RMA#1452615.


Here's the original reply i got from them.



Please advice what should i do, as i am seeking for replacement that as on par with the Neutron XT SSD that i purchase in the first place.


Is Neutron XTi SSD is EOL as well? I am wondering why i am getting a downgraded replacement.

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is there any alternative solution for this? or could i RMA with you guys directly?

The Distributor says that they only carry Corsair LE200, and could only offers Corsair LE200 as a replacement, and claim that Corsair currently only have LE200 SSD available.

So i think the RMA procedure doesn't going through you guys.


While i believe your corsair webstore still sells Neutron XTi SSD.


Below is what they replied


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I've just register a account on Corsair Support and submited a ticket #771765

To my surprise, i am unable to register with my user ID "Cyclonechuah"

Does creating a forum account, automatically creates a support account as well? Or someone already taken my ID?

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