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H110i GT 50C at idle, 80C+ under load


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I don't know what's going on, but my CPU temps for my 5930k are high.




Fans are spinning (in push config out the top). LED on. No extreme dust buildup in radiator.


Link "Performance" mode:

[idle] Pump at around 3150rpm, 50C temp all cores

[full load] Pump at around 3150rpm (same as above), 80C+ temp all cores


This is with no overclock. A modest overclock to 4.0GHz and temps reach 100C.


One tube is hot, one is luke warm. Back plate on CPU is hot as a mother at full load. If I unplug the fans, I can just barely hear the pump running, but I can't feel it. As another quick test, I unplugged the sata power connector and watched the temperatures slow rise from the 50s up to 70C before plugging it back in. Room temp is around 75F (24C).


When I first built the system, the temps were all very low so I know it was working well at one point.


Any suggestions would be appreciated

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I would open up a support ticket and you likely need to replace the cooler. However, something isn't quite right with the data either. If you had an actual liquid temp of 70C (H110i GT Temp), you could not keep your CPU core temps in the 80s at any kind of load. You would hit the shutdown point in seconds. Something isn't quite right with the liquid temp reading, but that is still a problem since the pump and fans base their actions on it. Probably a side effect of the blockage or restriction location. Still need to replace it.
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For the record, Corsair support is [insert expletives here]. They are painfully slow to respond. Do NOT buy anything from their website. Buy from Amazon or elsewhere. I ordered a different non-Corsair cooler from Amazon, but I'm going to make them send me a replacement out of spite. Ridiculous...
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