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Commander Pro Voltage monitoring?


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The PSU drops down the voltage from mains which is usually 110/120v or 220/240v, depending on where you live.


From there it steps down the voltage to the common supplied on different rails. Different components on your system is supplied by different voltages:


12v: Cooling Fans, CPU, GPUs, HDD

5v: Digital LEDs, USB Devices, some HDD and SSDs

3.3v: MCU on CoPro/LNP, some SSDs


Generally there is a lot of other components on the motherboard that required different voltages. The best way to tell is to look at what is supplied to each component:





To me it doesn't look good off hand, it could be a faulty sensor, or a bug. Generally the best way to tell is with a digital multi meter. I haven't used link, but I do use the new iCUE. I am guessing the voltage is being read by the CoPro is it has all 3 voltages supplied to it by the SATA connector. You might be able to find voltage readings elsewhere, like in the BIOS or with a HW monitoring tool. What PSU do you have?

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Do you have the Commander Pro powered with a Molex to SATA adapter? That's the only time that I've seen that behavior.


If you do, power it with a straight SATA connector from the PSU.


Good point, Molex only supplies 5v and 12v. Sata Power supplies 5v, 12v, and 3.3v.

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sorry, didnt have thread subscriptions on and thought no one replied.


@ solarity: this has nothing to do with the PSU. its the commander pro. It should only be getting the 12v from the SATA connector.


@ devbiker: it is directly connected with the PSU cable


and it seems other people have this issue as well as seen in other threads

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