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Link v4.9.7.35 - hard drive temps disappeared


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Any sign of hhd/ssd temps coming back, been a while since Link was updated and Icue is useless for me as im still rocking my MS sidewinder x6 keyboard after more than 10 years....and i dont need it for my Corsair M65 pro also icue has no option for custom fan profile on my Corsair H110i gt which is a big failure in my eyes, Corsair should not expect people to continue to support them if they keep taking features away from what people stay for, AIO is a hugh market and theres a lot of choice, as for the sleep thing....yeah....no....i dont buy that one, if my system is turned on...i dont need my ssd`s and hd`s sleeping.....im using them.


The main reason i chose the Corsair H110gt AIO over the opposition...... Corsair link with the ability the see all my temps on one page including hd/ssd temps.

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Link reached the end of it's life cycle 9 months ago. That version is the last version. The removal of the feature was not about power saving. Mechanical drives would endlessly click as they constantly were being accessed.


You want to see all your temps in one page, but won't use iCUE? The application that does that and combines the two programs you are using and monitors drive temps. Fine. The better solution for you would be to use HWMonitor or something similar that provides a myriad of other data not found in Link, including drive temps, writes, transfer speeds, health, etc. It may be preferable not to run Link at all with HWMonitor and use it to keep tabs on the H110i GT coolant temp and fan speeds.

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