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570x with full LL120 ?


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Hello everyone !


I building a pc for the first time and I have a couple questions !



I want to install all LL120 fans in the pc, I've heard they are quite good.

Are they really silenced and efficient ?


I saw the cab come from with 3 SP fan. Some said they are noisy. Is it a good idea to remplace them by the LL120 ? How are their performance compared to the SP120 ?


I also plan to buy a h110i V2 AIO. How does the LL120 fan work on that radiator. I saw people saying they are good and others saying the opposite.


Last question, for this full LL120 install, I need one HUB and a COMMANDER PRO to control the fans and that's all ?


Thank you for the help :)

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Better RGB ? It's personal but LL Serie looks better to me ! But ML are better at performance no ? Magnetic Lev means less noise ?


About what you said last, so if I have 6 LL or ML, I can control the speed and the lights by only connect them on the motherboard ? So why should I buy a commander ? I don't understand


Thank you for your answer :)

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I don't know that the ML fans have "better RGB". The have 4 RGB LEDs around the fan hub. They do look awesome but honestly, not as stunning as the LL fans. They are, on the other had, nearly dead silent. The LL fans are pretty quiet as well but not as quiet as the MLs.

For the RGB control, the LL/ML fan multi-packs both come with a Fan Hub and a Lighting Node Pro. Again, this only controls the RGB and will control up to 6 fans.

Fan speed control can be done from PWM headers on your motherboard ... but since you've not included your motherboard or any other system specs, we don't know if you have enough fan headers on the motherboard. Alternatively, you can control the fan speed with the Commander Pro, which will also control the RGB, but it's not required.

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Oh ok super answer thank you !


I chose this motherboard : MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON AC


I think there's 6 places for fans. So I don't need the COMMANDER I guess ?


ANd what about the LL on a radiator ?




For the LL series you'll need either the Lighting Node PRO or Commander PRO to be able to adjust your fans. With the Commander PRO you can do both lights and fan speeds, as well as set up profiles for both which I find to be quite handy.


I have 3x LL120s on the front of my 360 AIO radiator and the 3x stock RGB fans that came with the 570x on the back side of the radiator helping to pull air through.


With the 570x the top of the case can fit 2x LL140's as well so you can actually do 4x LL120s and 2xLL140s if you so fancy.

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