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Some feedback on CUE2:

1. Please add the ability to create a FOLDER within the Actions and Lighting libraries so we can organize the actions/lighting effects. As is stands now ALL actions (for ALL profiles) are in one folder (one long confusing list) and they show up no matter what profile we are editing.


2. Please bring back Tool-tips so when we are hovering over a key, it will display what that key is designated to do. Right now we have to search the list on the left to find the key listed to see what that key does.


3. Please make the highlight bigger/brighter on the selected key. It's BARELY noticeable currently with a thin faded yellow-ish frame.


4. Bringing back right-click drop-down menus would not be bad either.


The more I use CUE2, the more I like it. Hated it at first.



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