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Found 12 results

  1. This has been happening and driving me crazy since I first started using the CUE software last December. OS: Windows 10 x64 (but on multiple machines, edit: including clean installs with only CUE software installed) CUE Version: All up to and including 2.15.83 Problem description: When the CUE software is not recently activated but running, if you press a key that triggers a "Launch Application" action (any of the pre-populated list or custom executable paths), the application will open, but it will not be focused. To further the problem, simply selecting the newly launched application from the taskbar or clicking on it's title bar does *NOT* grant keyboard focus to the application. You must mouse click within the application window in order to get keyboard focus. Reproduction: This is where it gets difficult, as it does not happen all of the time, but for me, it does seem to happen more than 90% of the time. There is no guaranteed reproduction method, but the following seems to trigger it. 1) Open the CUE window 2) Open any other application not using CUE software (I typically launch a web browser). Mouse-click in this application to ensure it has focus. 3) Press a key that CUE is set to launch an application (I typically use calculator built-in) Step 3 launches an application that is out of focus and requires unusual extra steps (clicking within the application even after clicking it to focus on the tasktbar) to gain full keyboard focus. If the CUE software is in focus, the newly launched application always launches with correct focus. If the desktop is focused, it is hit or miss which will get focus. If another application has focus, I'd say about 75-90% of the time the newly launched application does not gain proper focus. Additional information: Any time I get this issue, if I simply open the CUE software and close it, my chances of getting correct focus increase, but are still not consistent. Any help would be appreciated, but I'm assuming this will need a CUE patch in some regard.
  2. Howdy, First off, I wasn't able to find any help how how to do this when I googled and search one here. If someone else was able to find a post the helps please point me to it. Anyways, I have a macro set up to be toggled when I press F4. I would like for when I toggle the macro on, the number pad lights up or pulses. Right now I have the macro activating the lighting effect, but depending on what the stop option is set to, it either doesn't turn off when toggling the macro off or its not active the entire time the macro is toggled. Also if possible I would like the number pad/light effect to not activate when pressing the button it is assigned to, only to activate when I toggle the macro. This might be a strange request but i would appreciate it if someone could help me do this. Also, if it matters I'm on version 2.23.40 of CUE. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, quiet a while ago I bought my Corsair headset and everything worked out perfectly. However, I have recently assembled a new computer (using the same old drives tho), and I am having some troubles getting the surround sound for the headset to work again. When I installed CUE, in device manager I realised the yellow exclamation that appears when there's a problem. I have tried installing the Corsair Drivers into it manually and reinstalling it multiple times. As well as that, there is also a yellow exclamation next to the Corsair Bus in Device manager... One last thing, CUE mentions that macros aren't working properly too (making my glaive mouse act weird), though that may not be relevant to the headset, just thought it could be a factor. If anyone knows, please help me! Thanks.
  4. Just bought the expensive K95 but the CUE 2 software sucks. We cannot import profiles.
  5. Hey, I've been trying to install CUE but i keep getting the same error code in a blue screen crash: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED What failed: CorsairVBusDriver.sys Anyone know what's going wrong and how i can fix it?
  6. So I was trying to set up type lighting on my new K95P, and there is no 'Play from pressed key' checkbox for the Ripple lighting effect. I've seen screenshots from other people that clearly show the checkbox under the 'Stop option' dropdown, but it is not present on my system in Cue2 2.23.40 (or the previous version). I'm hoping I'm just overlooking something obvious, here is what I did to try to set this up: Switch to advanced mode; Go to the profile I was trying to set up for this; Go to Lighting Effects; Click the + to add an effect (it is the only layer); Select Ripple from the dropdown; I have the Start and Stop options, but no checkbox for 'Play from pressed key' I select keys and add colors to the Opacity control with the plus button under it, and set Start to 'on key pressed', and Stop to 'after' 1 times, but that 'Play from pressed key' checkbox never shows up, and the ripple effect just starts in the middle of the selected keys. Any suggestions? I should probably mention that Type Lighting under the Basic mode works as expected, but I want to set this up via advanced mode for more control.
  7. So this is a new one for me and has only started over the last couple of days (that I know of). Every time I try to edit OSD settings or bring up a CUE context menu (right click taskbar), it freezes my PC for several seconds before appearing to totally reset my display, and then CUE crashes. I've checked already that it's not a driver issue with Geforce, or a DirectX issue, and it only happens if CUE is running. I've also noticed that since this has started, CUE no longer launches on startup correctly and requires manual launching.
  8. I just got the K95 RGB Platinum for Christmas yesterday and have already became fascinated with the RGB and endless customization options. The attached cuefolder holds 3 profiles for Kayn from League of Legends if you are interested. 1 is the main profile - used for pre-transform. In that profile there is blue and red glowing macros on G1 and G6 respectively. These switch to the blue and red form Kayn profiles - with unique intro animations, effects and colours. If you activate the wrong one, just press the macro glowing white to switch back to standard or the other colour key to go to that form. Thanks for checking out this thread even if you don't play League and I will most likely post more profiles if I have any good ideas in the future. Download link (Google Drive): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KaKdsM2j3dsm7swikPR61Yk8SXSuuca0/view?usp=sharing Thanks for reading!
  9. In the new cue 2 I'm trying to setup type lighting on my keyboard but I can't find it in the lighting effects menu here is a screenshot: http://zombrom.com/2016-12-28.png
  10. Hey, I'm trying out the Link Profile to Program thing in CUE 2 but it's not working. Help is appreciated! (I'm trying to do it with Chrome btw)
  11. Some feedback on CUE2: 1. Please add the ability to create a FOLDER within the Actions and Lighting libraries so we can organize the actions/lighting effects. As is stands now ALL actions (for ALL profiles) are in one folder (one long confusing list) and they show up no matter what profile we are editing. 2. Please bring back Tool-tips so when we are hovering over a key, it will display what that key is designated to do. Right now we have to search the list on the left to find the key listed to see what that key does. 3. Please make the highlight bigger/brighter on the selected key. It's BARELY noticeable currently with a thin faded yellow-ish frame. 4. Bringing back right-click drop-down menus would not be bad either. The more I use CUE2, the more I like it. Hated it at first. Thanks!
  12. Good day everyone, After browsing these forums, I've come to a general conclusion that this software is not perfect, far from it I must stay. Unfortunately, I am one of those victims. Here's the story: After installing updates for Windows 10 (x64), CUE2 has been nothing but trouble. After every boot-up, I receive an error message saying that certain program files cannot run- specifically 3 of them (.dll files). Now, Every time this happens. I have to uninstall and reinstall CUE2 to fix the problem, (windows error message 0x0000020), WHICH leads to another problem: My CUE has been causing my maps to not load when i play a match. I have to kill the HeroesoftheStorm.exe, and have to restart the game. How do I know its this specific program? Well, about 20 minutes ago, I did a little experiment. I didn't launch CUE before launching hots. I started playing a match and noticed my CUE wasn't activated. When I went into my desktop and launched CUE, i my map immediately disappeared, just a black screen with some character models, forts, keeps, and highlights. Nothing else. Is there an update coming out soon? I'm not sure my sanity can hold up for much longer. Do you guys have any ideas on what's up?
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