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New headset at Computex 2017?

RGB Maniac

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I have the Void Wireless SE. It's the most comfortable headset I ever owned! I previously had a $300 Astro A50. That thing is a piece of crap.


In the beginning I had issues which I believe were corrected with firmware updates and CUE software updates.


My only complaint.. the microphone can move up and down.. useful if you're eating something. It broke and doesn't stay in the up position anymore. Falls right back down.

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If the headset is still in warranty, you can replace the headset under warranty.



I think someone mentioned it to me before, but I let it go because it's virtually my only source of entertainment. My computer has no sound otherwise.


I should have picked up a second Void Wireless SE when BestBuy had them for $89.99 or something (might have been $99.99).

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