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  1. You never even said what product you have.
  2. I've had the Void Wireless for years. It's the most comfortable headset I've ever worn. I sometimes use it for 6 or 7 hours a day because my PC is my only soure of entertainment.. it serves as my television, my gaming rig, etc. So I decided to finally try the Pro out because it's $59.99 and my old Wireless, while works fine, the USB charging cable is a little beat up. Soundwise, this is the same as the Void. Kind of sounds like everything is in a tunnel. Bass heavy. Only difference in this headset is the mic I think and honestly it's not much of a change to make me care. If you're after a decent 7.1 headset that's super comfortable and a good price grab this. If you're like me wanting to upgrade to something better sound wise, I'd look for something more expensive. These aren't going to satisfy your needs. These are going back tomorrow. I'll live with my frayed USB cord a little longer, or get a replacement, and hold out for a better headset. Maybe I'll get something with a separate DAC. Who knows. So many people recommend this, or recommend that, it's hard to make a decision. I can say, I'll most likely stay away from Sennheiser. They took forever to respond to my email asking questions, and they didn't fully answer me, then the second time I emailed them no response at all.
  3. I have the Ironclaw RGB. I tried to setup an action to switch profiles or DPI Toggle. Doesn't seem to do anything. Also, on the Default Profile it lists "Sniper" as 400 DPI. How the heck do I even use it?
  4. Why would you not have iCue installed? It's used to change how your headset sounds, shows how much it's charged, and is used to update the firmware on your headset. Without it the headset sounds like crap and you can't tell how much charge is left exactly. My Void Wireless works fine. I am on Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit. Also, any exchanges I've had with tech support never showed up on the forums. If you say it takes so long for them to respond, why didn't you just call them? I've spoken to them on the phone before.
  5. I saw a headset today with a removable magnetic mic. I guess it works via Bluetooth. I would say 90% of the time I am not gaming and have the mic up and tucked behind the headset so it doesn't fall down in front of my mouth (it stopped staying up a long time ago). Would also be good if the mic breaks I can just replace it. Also, you could make it attachable on either ear. Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it, not that I want to switch anyway.
  6. This has always happened to me: Press power. Unit may or may not turn on. Have to turn off and back on to get it to work. Even then sometimes it won't work. I can't remember, but the most I've ever had to turn it off and on is less than 5 tries. Maybe 3 max. I've had my Void Wireless SE for a long time now.
  7. K95 is on sale for $139 now. I want to get it, but no money to spend until maybe 10 days.. hope it's still on sale.
  8. 3.14 is the latest. Mine updated with no issues through iCue.
  9. Not sure, but I can say this. I just bought it. Only had it connected for like 10 minutes. I love it so far. I read reviews of mouse pads online and it put me off from buying it for the longest time. I came across some extra money, so I basically got this for free tonight. I love it so far. It's smooth. Feels great. Feels much better than cloth. Doesn't move/slide off because it's a tad heavier and has nice grip on the bottom. iCue has built in calibration for it. I also picked up the Glaive mouse. I will probably be returning that. It's a little large for me.
  10. First off, I see that new Ironclaw mouse.. calling 105g lightweight is not right. My logitech is about 80g and I see Finalmouse makes one that's 58g. Anyway, my question is about buttons.. why do they always list the left/right mouse button as having XX million clicks, but never mention what the middle mouse button or scroll wheel is capable of? It seems to me that the scroll wheel /button is usually the first to go on any mouse I've owned. The Logitech Pro says it's got for 50M clicks.. then goes on to say L/R buttons 20M clicks, which leads me to believe the mouse wheel only 10M clicks. I've had mostly Logitech and tried one Corsair. I was disappointed with the Corsair. It lasted less than the Logitech, but both mice don't last nowhere near as long as their mouse click ratings would lead you to believe. I'm searching around for a new mouse now as the wheel is starting to go on this Logitech.
  11. Thanks. I wish I could remember stuff like this, I have Revo already installed. EQ works now, voice still sounds like it's far away / in a tunnel. I've owned the Void Wireless since it came out and vocals were like this at first, but with updates got fixed. Actually EDIT: It's not just vocals that sound like they're far away. Certain songs do also. Rock music like Danzig sounds alright (aside from vocals), however I played Doja Cat Mooo and Go To Town, where the whole song sounds kind of distant / muffled.
  12. For anyone who is wondering.. I got microphone working. On Windows 10 go to Start and search for "microphone privacy settings" and allow apps to take control of mic. Not sure how it got off.
  13. I just realized the mic doesn't work at all. I thought it was CSGO's update.. nope it's everywhere. Uninstalled iCue, Uninstalled Void, rebooted, re-installed iCue, rebooted. Mic still does not work. Headset sounds like I am in a tunnel. If I go into Windows where you can test/setup a mic it says "The Wizard could not start Make sure your audio hardware is working properly and check your audio configuration in the Audio Devices and Sound TRhemes control panel."
  14. EQ works again, however everything sounds like it's in a tunnel. Playing games is hard, listening to television is not enjoyable, music is alright. I reported when I first bought the unit year/s ago it sounded like far away or in a tunnel. That went away in firmware/software updates. I then did a review here on some aftermarket earpad replacements I picked up on Amazon.. not sure why, but the earpads really changed the sound to where I had to turn half the EQ almost all the way down. In a thread here we discussed EQ settings and I said I just randomly turn them up all close to +12db. With the new earpads I had to change 32-250 all the way down to almost -12db in order to even sound good, but 500-16k are almost +12db. Well, with the new software/firmware I can now turn the EQ almost all the way up like I'd normally have it. It's just the tunnel effect that is an issue.
  15. How do do a repair? I have Windows 10. I do not see a repair option in Device Manager. I guess I can uninstall and reinstall if you want.
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