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Corsair 780T Plastic HDD Cage base


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Posting here after not getting much help from Corsair.


As the title suggests I have the 780T and have had numerous problems with this case, bent side panels, broken fan controller.


The latest problem is that I was installing new intake fans into the front of my case and removed the 2 small screws which hold the metal HDD cage onto the plastic base inside the case.


I went to reinstall the small screws and that wouldn't tighten snug. Either the holes in the plastic have stripped the thread or the screws themselves.


It's really annoying because now I don't want to completely remove the HDD cage as I may not be able to secure the plastic base again.


Corsair support basically said they don't have that part as an accessory so they can't help me.


Can anyone please tell me if you can hang the HDD cage from the bottom 5.25" bay as I looks like there's groves there for it but Corsair said you can't?


May I please have some help with this as I like the case I just need the Plastic Base to sit the bottom HDD cage onto.



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I had a look inside the case today. It appears there is only 1 screw mounting point off the bottom ODD tray.


There are groves ontop of the HDD cage do these just slide into the groves underneath the ODD cage and then secure it with 1 screw and that holds it in place?


Hello there!


Yes it's totally possible to hang the HDD cage from the ODD cage, then secure it with a screw.

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