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780t with H115 & HD120 RGB Fans


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I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet. Trying to figure out if it would work I like the 780 T case. But I want to mount a h115 cooler. But still have three of the HD120 RGB LED High Performance 120mm PWM Fans in the top section above the cooler. I don't even know if anyone is even tested or try to do this yet but I thought I'd be an interesting yet who will look for the fan filter in the top but yet still have the 115s cooling capacity.


Thanks in Advance, AliceSML79

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Are you asking if you can mount the H115i (or other 280mm radiator) underneath a set of 3x120mm fans? There are two problems you would have to resolve.


1) Securing the radiator to the chassis. The radiator holes will not line up with the 120mm fans. You would need some sort of custom mounting solution. Alignment would be key and I can't say much to that without the case. Obviously you would want the HD120's on top, which makes this difficult and may preclude the use of something like a 120->140mm fan adapter.


2) Width. The 780T is a big case, but as you descend deeper into the middle, the extra width of the 280mm radiator and its own 140mm fans below, you may run into collision issues with the motherboard VRM heak sink, memory, etc. And yes, you will still need a set of 140mm fans underneath the radiator to move some actual air. The 120mm fans above will be mostly more show and not capable of efficiently moving air through the radiator. You would be looking at two sets of fans, 25mm each, plus 27mm on the radiator.


If this is something you really want, you might consider moving the H115i to the front as intake, giving you a free hand at the top. The hoses on the H115i might just barely reach and perhaps a 780T owner can add to this. Of course, you can do the reverse as well and put the 3xHD120 on the front and the H115i up top. A third option would be to go with a 240mm cooler that can go underneath two of the top HD120's up top (or in front). If you are looking at Z270 boards and Kaby Lake, a 280 vs 240mm radiator likely is not going to matter unless you run really long loads like rendering, folding, etc.

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