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H100i v2 temperatures


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Most likely it does. The environment temperature will be the baseline of everything in the room, plus the additional heat created from operation. If you run a synthetic stress test in a 20C room and your core temperatures hover around 60C, they will then move up to 70C in the same test in a 30C room. Your coolant temperature works the same way and it serves as the baseline CPU temperature. It's lowest possible value will be room temperature, but naturally it will always be a little higher at idle.


If you think you may have cooler problem, look in Link at the H100i v2 Temp (coolant temp). You need a baseline reading and a load reading when gaming. Most people run 4-7C over room temperature when at idle, but this is both case and power setting specific. You may also need to distinguish between having a peak core temperature 60-75 and averaging 60-75C. Almost anything can cause a CPU temp spike that is not indicative of the overall physical state. I usually get mine when launching the game, not during actual game play. Steady temperatures in that range is something else and may represent an issue or is simply a factor of the warm day. Unusually warm day for me as well yesterday and I unwisely did not turn on the air conditioning. With room temps at 31C, every component hit the highest temp marks I have seen in quite a while.

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