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115 waterblock upside down logo


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Hi ,I purchased a graphite 760 case yesterday along with the 115i water cooling setup for my Corsair build [3x 24 ich 3d 144 hrz gaming platform] that I will be writing a Review/build about .Upon opening the case up I discovered that the bottom front [led] fan is making a clicking sound when it spins.

Next on the agenda was to install the cpu cooler [115i] which to my dismay has the block on a backwards .[usb cable is on the bottem side of the block instead of the top side which leaves a nasty usb wire to route through the filled pcie slots instead of neatly behind the motherboard like it is supposed to do. The hose lengths are to short to fit this case [in 4 of the 6 possible ways] in the front once you spin the block around so usb is facing up ,which while it would fix the wiring issue would leave the Corsair logo upside down.This is not acceptable so i guess i will have to return it to the store and look to another companies solution:(.My game plan was to upgrade my currant 850 rm power supply with a ri series [and a set of white power supply cables] and to install a mini commander to utilize LINK along with Corsair ram .I am now quite leary on investing anymore cash into the remianing Corsair products i was going to purchase and install in this build/review


Corsair parts i was going to purchase for build/review

:RMi 850- 1000 watt

:ddr3 pc 1600 vengance [red] x 8 gb

:mini commander

:led strip for mini

:several fans

;mouse pad


Corsair products i already purchased that may land up being returned.

:h115i watercooling [due to block logo being upside down if block is rotated to have the usb cable plug in from the top]] cant see why i should pay top dollar for a water cooling system that has an upside down LIT up logo in plain view or wrong side usb placement .


:760 graphite :this was to be a link pc which appears to be already down the one main part i wanted the link commander for the water cooling ,without the water cooling there is no reason to upgrade my rm 850 to a rmi 850-100 ,which in turn gives no reason to get the mini commander or led strip light and of coarse no need for the white cables either. [i do really like the case and may keep it as it has much better airflow then my old 800d


approx lost sales due to logo upside down on water block = 700$ on my build [if the case goes back] and i can only imagine how many other lost sales from others there has been.

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I can sort of understand why you would want to return the cooler, if it upsets you that much, but why return the rest of the perfectly good Corsair products?


Just curious, but why DDR3?


I Cant afford a new motherboard/proc/ram at this time and am using a gigabyte z87xoc which requires ddr3 [currently only has 8 gb in the system and i want 16 gb].


As for the rest of the products they have not been purchased yet , only the case and cooler,which i decided to Keep after a day of cooling off some.[ i was having a bad day and this compounded it .

The fact that i have never had to rma a corsair product over the last 15 years except this case fan was the deciding factor to Keep it and go ahead with the build].



It just makes me angry when companies make a mistake at the design and manufacturing level and instead of fixing it at that point they continue to make and sell them off .

Evidently from the instruction manual they planned for the usb to be at the top with the logo correctly displayed , Someone at the manufacturing lv messed up .And quality control let it by.

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Your big assumption in all of this is people universally prefer the USB insert in the top of the pump and there is no valid reason for the bottom. Using a different cooler in just that configuration, I wish mine was on the bottom. That would allow me a very short run down to the bottom of the board and the wire would be mostly concealed by the GPU. As is, I am able to go over the top, down the back of the motherboard, through the bottom slot, and connect to the USB 2.0 header, with about 4-5 mm to spare. Any tighter and it would be musical. This is something that falls under the area of preference and it is impossible to please everyone. The H110i is a similar cooler, but with the plug in the side. Depending on your orientation to the case, that may be preferable for you.
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My H110i GT has it on the side, but it's still a long run down the back.


" Any tighter and it would be musical"


I like that, very descriptive.


I guess that some people are almost fanatical (that's not a criticism, if you want an ultra tidy build, that's great) about hiding as much as possible, personally when I get to that stage of a build I just want to use it and can't be bothered. That said, this case is my first with a full window so it's tidier than previous builds.

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The perfect solution or so i am told [have not tried it yet] is to install the 115 with usb cable [that to my knowledge only monitor's the pump speed not fans or temp] once installed go to link in windows set your pump speed [no advantage to be able to adjust it anyways as temps stay the same ] reboot and remove the usb cable completely. this way the pump is set and no longer requires the usb cable/freeing up an extra header for other corsair link products and eliminating the cable completely .The only draw back i can think of is that if the pump were to die you wouldnt have a notification
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[that to my knowledge only monitor's the pump speed not fans or temp]


Incorrect :(:, the H115i coolant temperature is only reported via USB and if you connect the fans to the H115i so will the fan speed.


You should keep an eye on the H115i coolant temperature, check it does not start climbing and is it does this shows the pump may be failing.


Half the pump speed is reported to the CPU_FAN header with or without the USB cable connected.

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Thanks for the info,greatly appreciated.

Had the case all closed up for a test run last night.I ran folding@home all night ,quiet settings on fan and cooling ,temps were beautiful in the morning . ambient temps 22c air cooled gpu 65 c: cpu 34c: h115i 30 c under full load. idle gpu is 45-50 cpu 26, h115i 28.5.

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