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Setup G Key to Open Calculator


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Hey guys, I'm new here. I was wondering, can anyone help me setup one of my keys to open the calculator? I have Windows 10.


I've already set up my other G keys to open Evernote, Snagit, etc. But I can't seem to figure out how to open Store apps like the Calculator? Can anyone help me please?



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It is simple to setup a G key to open the calculator. Microsoft killed the good old calculator in favor of its Modern (Metro) version. Even when you type "calc.exe" into the Run box, the Modern app will open.




PowerShell allows you to start Apps, so you could set CUE to run a CMD invoking PowerShell.


Alternatively, some apps can be started easily directly from CMD, so you can just make a simple .CMD file and associate that with a CUE action.


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